Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide

this ritual is wonderful and I will try it, but I have a question.
how can I thank the spirit for helping me? should i give offerings to him after his help? or it will be better to give it immediately after evocation?

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You can offer the spirit something and tell them it will be theirs upon successful completion of the task.

You could make a small offering, like a candle, at the time, as a goodwill gesture, but don’t make a big offering to try and obligate the spirit to you in advance, many dislike that kind of presumption.


I want to evoke King Paimon so will I need to still face south or west since he is king of the west

how far should children be when a parent is evoking a demon? And why is it dangerous?

Do physical walls matter in this case? If for example, I’m in the yard, but it’s right outside of my child’s bedroom is that still the child being next to the evocation place?
Thanks a lot!

Is scrying a good way to practice your psychic abilities to evoke in the future?
I absolutely love scrying in a black mirror, it calms me so much to see into the astral plane.
I really do want to evoke, but still feel underwhelmed of knowledge about it.
Do you use incense to help you visualise a body for the entity to place themselves in?

Is using a candle necessary ?

In another room that’s not on the other side of the wall is usually best.

Early demonic evocations would evoke the demon to speak through the child, children have less strong barriers and are natural mediums, so the demon may, I emphasise may, latch onto the child, take their energy, even begin a long slow process of possession which would be harmful to them.

I would not take that risk and this isn’t to insult demons, we must remember they are different to us and that they have also traditionally been called this way.

Yes, in my opinion it’s best to use a different wall, don’t risk this.

Yes, any practice feeds into all of the other areas of magick.

No, I don’t like incense that much, but if you do, that is very traditional and may give you stronger phenomena (not necessarily stronger results IMO).

No, but it can be helpful you need to shift your state of mind.

There is also an argument (as with incense) that having a substance which changes its form (al)chemically assists in the evocation.

Tealights are as good if that’s all you can get.


Great guide! :slight_smile: just one question. When making your request do you make it in the present tense like if you were writing a petition or do you say what you want as though it is yet to happen? Ie; I have a new job, I find a better job or I am offered a new job? Thanks :slight_smile:

Watching again a video of an Italian magician/medium, I heard him talking of a seance he did where a spirit materialized out of a candle’s flame (and previously I read something similar, maybe here), along with some photos. The same may be attemped in a ritual evocation.

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I would say (in that example) “Please get me this new job” - I would focus on asking the spirit, rather than treating it like an affirmation, but I would also take the emotion I would feel at having the job and convey that to the spirit, and in some cases use any fear of NOT getting it, to fuel the evocation.


Thanks I’ll try that :slight_smile: Wow never actually thought of using fear for not getting it as fuel, makes a lot of sense! Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Necroing this particular reply. Would handmade beeswax candles work in place of colored candles? I currently dont have colored chime candles but i do have a butt load of beeswax that i hand roll instead.

I’m trying to cut cost where i can as I am diverting my money to more mundane needs for future needs.

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Yes, most would like that, though it is also suitable for angels so if you think there may be a chance of a clash, best do without.

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Perfect! Thank you for the reply. I use them for my norse shamanism that in working on. So I inscribe runes on the wax once it’s rolled. Then leave it to charge on my altar. So I imagine I can use the same concept of carving their sigil or name to make a more appealing offer.

Also when is your grimorie coming out cause i want at least 2nd or 3rd dibs on it :slight_smile:

And I’m totally serious about the grimorie. If you ever make one I want to buy and autographed original.

When you say visualize/imagine, do you mean with your eyes open? Or closed? Thank you in advance.

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Open, if you can imagine with your eyes open, is much better.

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I have never did constructions on my evocations since I was fearing of falling into self delusions but I am willing to give it a try now.Amazing post. :pray:

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Thank you SO SO much! This helps me alot :heart: