Simple Banishing of malevolent Ghost (s)

For this you will need a black candle and a white candle. Sandalwood oil, and banishing oil. White sage incense, dragons blood incense. Place the black candle after cleansing and charging it for banishing purposes in the center of your home,add banishing oil and crack a window. Be fire safe, you may set it on a small plate. Light the sage incense with dragons blood incense, let it burn for a few minutes. Then place white candle on a plate somewhere opposite of the black one, on a plate, after cleansing and charging add sandalwood oil.
Then light the black candle, and say:
Malevolent and baneful spirits, I banish thee. Get away from mine and away from me. ( Say this again two more times). I will keep the kind spirits, helpful and protective ones! ( Light white candle and sandalwood incense. ) Pleasant spirits stay within this place, and always bless our living space! Baneful spirits I banish thee, go away, stay away from mine and from me! As I will it, so mote it be. Let both candles burn down


When you do this watch both candles and see how they burn. If white one is emitting a steady flame, and the other is crackling or flickering wildly and stays that way you may have a bigger problem, and will need to do a more serious ritual, but if black one stops flickering and crackling and burns the same as white, burning out first- you have probably accomplished your goal, if they go out at the same time, do it one more time.

I know that this topic is old but I want to ask you, carry out this banishment from today Saturday, in the house where I live some neighbors have been throwing powders, and sending spirits of the dead, to bring destruction to my family, so I carried out this banishment, but in the candle burning, I am not very good at interpreting the results, the black candle burned faster than the white one and left residue with extremely high flame, but the wick opened and bent to the right, I do not know the meaning of this yes be positive, the white candle also had a high flame, but a little lower than the black one, the candle wick curled to the right, leaving less residue than the black candle.
in the end the candles ended at the same time and with high flames
I don’t know if you could help me interpret this?

I must say that at the moment of burning the sage, and spreading its smoke throughout the house, I approached my sister and with my mouth I blew behind her to give impulse to the sage smoke towards her for three times, doing it the 4th time the plate I used for this burst into pieces

Sounds fine. It’s normal for black candles to burn faster.
Black absorbs more heat, the whole candle is warmer, so it melts faster and drips more before the wax is consumed. The manufacturers could account for this and made a wax blend with a slightly higher melt point, but they don’t. I wouldn’t read signs into this feature as most black/not black candle burns will compare like this.

This could be because as you blow, the ashes get very hot and cause a stress fracture. Metal would not do this. But it’s unusual for pottery, so on this one you want to check your intuition. There’s no message I can think of in this.

Just because they told you they did stuff doesn’t mean it worked. Are you sure there were spirits around as a result of this? If you just assume their working was successful, you’re helping to make it work with your belief.
That’s not in your interests, take a skeptical approach that maybe their abilities aren’t all that good, and check for real results. Not that a good cleansing is ever wasted :slight_smile: But try not to feed their magick against yourself.

Protection can be as simple as deciding firmly that nothing can be good enough to affect your house, and so it is. At it’s heart magick is about energy being directed by the mind, which is your will and intentions which come from your emotions, keep your head and heart in a strong place and know nothing can get though.
Note: I said “know”, not hope, pray, believe or think, know, without a doubt, no matter what, this knowing IS your barrier. Do whatever mental/emotional reasoning it takes to make this knowledge what you know to be fact.

Hello, thank you for responding, in fact, she was given a reading with tobacco by a woman who is good at these readings, because she feels a dead cold in her feet that goes up all over her body, and a headache like when they cross you with a metal, in fact he told me:
when you started, I felt the pain but it went away immediately, but I didn’t direct the smoke from the salvia directly, when I did, the plate broke.

In fact, for this cleansing, she uses an uncrossing oil on the black candle, whose formula combines with a reversion oil. so every time she felt those symptoms of a spirit attached to her, I suggested applying the oil directly to her body and the pain went away, and the swelling of the body, she had days that she could not sleep until last night, today she She reapplied the oil on the body, and she didn’t have any pain, but when the banishing started, she felt that only for an instant, until the moment I blew the smoke towards her, and the plate broke.

My doubt was more about the candles. Well, she wanted to ask if you advise me to repeat this exile? or once will be enough.

By the way, I don’t doubt what I did, I only want the opinions of others so as not to give rise to the evil that I am expelling returning with more force. I actually know there were spirits in the house because she could feel light scratches while she was doing this. and a kind of tingling running down my spine.
Thank you for your responses and taking the time to reply.

I would repeat it at daily until you have good wards up. Banishing sends things away, but it doesn’t stop them from either coming right back again, or hopping to people you know.

Sound like you can use this oil to help with the warding. Try putting a dab on it on the lintels of the doors and windows, with the intention that no uninvited spirits may enter the house or the people that live there.

Another simple warding is to walk around the house sprinkling a little salt or flour in a circle, picture this forming a strong spherical barrier of energy around the house that cannot be crossed by uninvited entities.

Oh thank you very much for your recommendations, I created this oil from some hoodoo formulas, I combined the uncrossing and reversion oil formula, in addition to conjuring it on a full moon, invoking murmur, sabnock, haures or flauros and halphas, I think they they have the ability to return curses to the sender, although I intended to use a mirror on the black candle, I think I’ll repeat it until black moon day, but I’ll add the mirror to the black candle.
I currently also create a Dume oil, and I conjure it today by invoking Lucifer, Lord of Thaumiel, to bring death, destruction, ruin to enemies based on justice that is for revenge.

What’s more, I firmly believe that the fact of what happened with the plate and the pang that my sister felt, which left immediately, worked.

changing the subject, I would like to ask you something about something that worries me I have a pendulum, but I would like to know if you know of any spell that serves to block it so that only the demons that it invokes can manifest through it and give answers, and not the parasites, spirits of the dead, etc.

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The pendulum isn’t invoking anything, it’s your own body that does that.

Your subconsciuos is what hears the entities and has the answers and involuntarily moves the pendulum for you, that’s why using pendulums is a good way to start improving contact with your subconscious, This has knock on effects to improve all your magick.

To avoid impostors ask the entity to flash you its sigil, veve, seal, or some other proof like giving an immediate sign in your mind’s eye to confirm who it is. For parasites cleanse the area before you start and set up boundaries (wards) so they aren’t allowed in.

If you search on “tutorial parasites” via the magnifying glass icon at top right. we have a lot of helpful posts about this.

thanks for the clarification about how the pendulum works, I didn’t know, I’ve been contacting belial, but speaking of which, I made a stain with rue, white sage and basil before starting, and I put on a pendulum board the stamp of belial, I assumed it was him because he had taken precautions, I used his charm to invoke him, I put the pendulum on a sandalwood rod that I offered him while saying his enn, he told me: that the day for him to talk to satan was Friday at noon night, and he told me that he could also be invoked at night at that time whether on Friday, Saturday or Wednesday, he told me that he would come to me, Tuesday night to Wednesday at midnight to give me instructions to make a pact with satan, where one of the instructions he gave me is that I should write the pact with a goose feather or auca, wear a black jacket, I use that to refer to a black tunic, 2 black candles, incense, and he told me: Satan wants you to show him your loyal tad, i asked how? told me; Destroy the kingdom of God in the land where you live! and I said I don’t understand what you mean by that, and he gave me the clear answer.

the point here is that he told me certain things later in another session with the pendulum, which were not like that, and you simply answered we are putting you to the test, but then he continued lying, but whenever I confronted him he told me a reason as the truth because he did it that was twice, in fact he told me: you don’t talk to belial now I’m one of his messengers he sent me on his behalf.

so for things that spirit spoke I don’t know if it is a trickster, or a mocking spirit. Because that attitude seems strange to me, although I read something from Lady Eva that Belial was harsh in his dealings and that sometimes he made fun of those who invoked him, I don’t know if it was a test, I think I understood, I don’t know if this is the case.

Well, I had made a stain and still this happened.

that spirit means those instructions to do it on March 16 at midnight.

but the truth is that I don’t listen to him, due to the suspicion that I have that he is an impostor.

That’s why I ask you the question about how to block the pendulum.
Regarding what you say that my subconscious is the one who listens to the entities and then moves the pendulum, now I understand why the answers came to my mind before the pendulum moved, although sometimes it happened at the time of moving

what’s your opinion about it?

Haha, I love this image. “Sure we have a weekly meeting on Friday’s, I’ll bring it up then.”

Yeah, no. This is a massive red flag. :eyes:

It’s not your business, or your responsibility to “prove” your loyalty or get into someone else’s bullshit fight. Don’t get sucked into crap like this, it’s not appropriate to ask it of you, and it’s going to make drama, and guess what a parasites favourite food it? Negative emotion. Don’t feed into it.


Yes. What Belial would ask you to do to prove yourself, is stand up for yourself, which this could be as “test”. He’s notorious for pulling crap like this, it sounds legit but doing as asked is to fail the test. You have to tell him to fuck off, doing what you know is good for you, and then he laughs and thinks that’s great, as it proved you have the balls to be able to work with him.

It could go either way. Either way I think mucking about evangelising for your worldview probably isn’t wise and at best is a waste of your time.

Yes, this happens, especially for those with big names and many “legions”. :slight_smile:

Yes, perfect :slight_smile: You don’t need the pendulum, you can ask the question and just know the answer. Kind of like, remembering that you know without remembering how you know. This is called “clairsentience” in the western occult. It’s part of what people want when they ask how to gain “psychic senses”. Nice one! :+1:

Keep the practice up and you should start to get images in your minds eye and other senses as your subconscious learns how to mimic your physical senses to communicate to your conscious brain.
You can find out anything this way if you know the questions to ask, there are no secrets.

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I was worried thinking that it was a parasite, because he told me that he told me those things to test me, it’s as if he did it on purpose. What I don’t know is whether to do the pact ritual that he said to do for Satan, he gave me instructions, and as you say, I got angry and told him to go to hell. but later I said, and if it is true that it is from Belial, then he told me: that Astaroth was Inanna or Isthar, and that she was the duchess of hell, and that if I wanted divination I should go to her, she also declared something that I don’t know if you are ok but he said belial was the second in command of the infernal trident.

Now I will ask you for advice, always take precautions, I make stains, I carry out banishing baths, banishing rites and even so it continues to appear in the pendulum, using the sigil of Belial, that is why I questioned myself, that it could not be a parasite, the last test what will i do today, i looked up what you told me and found something from a forum member that seems to successfully unmask parasites and tricksters, it’s called the seal of manifestation, i’ll use it today, but my thoughts are, what should i do if It turns out that it was not a parasite, I am concerned that I have disrespected him, even if he is a messenger of Belial.

if he really is a messenger i should go ahead with his instructions, i will tell you when he said destroy the kingdom of god on earth where you live, he clarified it to me by saying that it is that he obtain knowledge from satan, and show it to others regardless if they believe it or not.

and I guess it is a way to give recognition to satan or not? In fact, he was not referring to a war as such, but to spreading his kingdom among the people. I suppose that there are many santeros here because I have not seen anyone here who works with demons.