Simple answers on scrying mirror. Clairaudience

Interesting thought. If someone can succesfully scry without yet having developed clairaudience well enough to establish that type of communication with the entity, can the entity, upon request provide answers via words on the mirror for simple questions to communicate instead? I’m not sure if the entity would know which clairs someone will have developed. Maybe someone can confirm.


I don’t have much knowledge on scrying as a whole but what I can tell you from just general spirit communication is that spirits communicate more through energy than verbal words. More often than not it’s just our energetic bodies taking in their frequencies and our subconscious translating those into words and concepts we can understand. You’ll probably get more of a feeling than actual words if your clairaudience is underdeveloped. Usually they will sense if you’re not picking up their messages and try a different way that suits you if they genuinely want to get a message across.


Words are almost too human. In my experience, entities tend to communicate in symbols and feelings. Sometimes I have difficulty finding the right words to record in my ritual diary. Scrying is definitely a powerful way to communicate though. If you really desire communication through words, perhaps try Tarot, ouija, pendulum board, or automatic writing.