Simple and Practical Elemental Magick To Calm Your Mind

Mind a bit too chatty?
Thoughts straying?

Drown your thoughts in a Tsunami and cleanse the theater of you mind …

I came up with this technique and it works wonders for me. Takes a minute.

Step 1: The Calm Before The Storm - Contemplation Only

Ever get water in your nose or have it go down the wrong hole?
Ever swim in a large body of water?
Ever see the aftermath of a Tsunami and consider how it feels like to drown?
How about how those waves overrun and sweep away everything in its path?

Passively Contemplate these types of water related feelings over the course of a few deep breaths.

Step 2 - Build up of Critical Pressure

Continue the same as above but start feeling water building up behind the wall of your mind. Start worrying and panicking just a bit. Feel the suspense of an iminent disaster.

Let this build and build to a critical masse or until your visualization starts falling appart.

Step 3 - The Levy Breaks and Everything Drowns

The walls violently burst and everything gets swept away. Everything drowns. Everything dies.

You sense yourself drowning. The nose is filled with water.
See the water sweeping the mess of thoughts around.
No mercy. No survivors.
Let it all go. They are all dead anyways.

Step 4 - Drain the Stormwater

Let the Sun come out.
Calm the waters and let it drain.
Take your time. Do what feels natural.
The debris and waste water are draining.
Breathe with clear lungs.

The wasteland has been cleansed.

Time to rebuild.