Simple and Effective love spell

This a simple yet a powerful love spell you will need

  • 3 Red Candles

  • Picture of the person

  • Sigil of Duke Sallos

  • Place down the picture of the person and arrange the candles one at the top other one at left and the right side of the picture.

  • Gaze at the picture bring the person into your mind the feelings you have for the person how you feel around that person feel as if that person is present there in front of you once you feel the connection or you get a perfect type of vibes like you get while you are with that person light up the candles one by one starting from the top then left and finally the right candle

  • keep duke sallos sigil on the picture of the person and activate it
    chant this phrase ×3
    (Name of the person) you love me with all you heart and desire the flames of love within you will burn bright as fire
    (Name of the person) you will think of me you will desire me your mind and your soul will be linked to me
    (Name of the person) all the love you have within you will be for me
    In the name of Duke sallos this is my will so mote it be.

visualize the final outcome that you want with the person once you feel you are done .
end the spell as you will normally end your evocation and let the candles burn down on their own

you can keep the picture and sigil somewhere safe and burn them after u get the desired outcome or u can burn it down after the spell is done✌


I thinking, if this can work with Sitri for lust mmmmmmmm

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Give it a try and see :bouquet:

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yes it can u can give it a try instead of love use lust

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Awesome :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

thanks :heart::v: