Simon Necronomicon vs Other Grimoires / Other Spirits!

Does any one have any idea if the spirits of (Simon Necronomicon) are different in some way or are any better then most other spirits?

It depends on if you want to work with every single spirit there is, or pick a mythos that resonates with you.

I tried the Necronomicon and a few other grimoires and didn’t find what I was looking for. Not abandoning, but looking into other areas is helpful.

Now that I have been exposed and thought critically in several Celtic texts, thats where my mind is as my ethnicity is Scottish-Irish.

So if you’re looking to be edgy, its probably the same as the Satanic Bible in my opinion.
If you’re looking to work with interesting spirits, its probably a good way to start, and then maybe look into Ahriman or Zoroaster if it still interests you.

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I wouldn’t say any spirit is “better” but they are different. It depends what results you want and what you’re trying to do.

My interest in the Lovecraftian current is more mystical and metaphysical, curiosity based and about the experience…I would not be trying to call the Old Ones for life matters like success in my career, I do want to call them for investigating the nature of the universe outside of human perspectives.


From what i understand from the book of Azazel E.A. got most of what he has today from the spirit Ant’harratu so that sounds to me this spirit mite be one the most “powerful” spirit or the most “efficient” the same with Mephistopheles or Kutulu

There is no one spirit that is better/more powerfull/more 1337 then other spirits.

What @Mulberry said but with a bit of another perspective.

The diffrent spirits that exist are parts of diffrent context and help achive diffrent goals.
There can even be completly diffrent enteties using the same name.

If all your goals are related to fame and fortune there are some spirits that are good for that and others that are useless.

If your goals are to burn down existance itself some spirits are good for it but ather are worhless and/or counterproductive.

In some situations there could even be a problem with diffrent spirits working against each other.

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Ant’harrau is a Nether Lord and has multiple legions and seem to use them very effectively, but the energies he works with are in the sort of area where there’s a big impact.

I don’t know if Ant’harratu is the main entity. Azazel and the other gatekeepers are very prominent and he credits Sorath with a lot as well. He’s done many years of workings and never stops, so there’s a lot mixed in. I like Ant’harratu though, you might get a bit on an overhaul but it works out for the best.

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have you folly evoked ant’harratu does he look like whats in the book if not can you say what you saw ?

Oh, for me, I give no fucks for appearances, though I’m more visual when astral traveling.

He “looks” like a golden ball of light, a dark mist, or the darkening that happens when a cloud covers the sun, the feeling someone just walked in my back door, the sense of metal with a white powdery coating, the expectation that something is coming… it’s more about the emotions, thoughts and quality of the presence or “ambience” coming from him. I rarely get smells or sounds, I have to work on those senses. :slight_smile:

The entities that look like people tend to be the ones that have been people, like the Loa and the dead. Diety level ascended, as I call them, don’t usually look or feel like humans to me, and I feel Ant’harratu is more deity level. I would have to make an astral body to view them though, which you and they can agree on to do if it helps.