Similarities with jinns and humans

Um, can anyone explain to me how are jinns and humans similar? like what do jinns look like in their true forms and what is their world and lives like? and if you got any experiences with them, feel free to comment that as well

Excellent question maybe @Harith could chime and offer some expertise?


This is insanely vague, jinn hold the similar humanoid template as many beings, humans included. Humans simply aren’t polymorphic. I do agree with Lucy on Nissiku’s input.


Oooh I’m curious to, we all know about the elemental differences, creation myth. I’m curious about the other details, I haven’t seen the true form of the one who keeps visiting me. Crazy ifrit.


We both have a consciousness , otherwise, it may not be so easy to draw similarities , it is a no brainer that they have some type of emotions.

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can u answer my second question?

what is their world and lives like?

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What is the world view of an entire race…?

what’s the world view of all of humanity? there isn’t one. What’s the lives of a rich human? what’s the lives of a middle class human? not the same.

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I believe many of them live in JInnistan as @Velenos has talked about before

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then why not bring that up ? thats what im literally asking about what their world is like and lives.

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Because there’s no racial world view among the Jinn, they choose to live their lives differently.


is it ok if u shared ur exprience from jinnistan?

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Djinnestan, Peristan, and Koh-e-qaf are the main realms that the djinn are known to reside in. They are all interconnected so I wouldn’t worry too much when it comes to the differences between them.

Djinnestan is a very beautiful place that tends to have traditional middle-eastern vibes to it. The cities are very prosperous with little to no poverty, and the supermarkets around are really interesting to go to and hold many items that cannot be obtained in our world.

Shadukam is my favorite city to go to because out of all the cities it seems to be the most lively and tends to hold festivals often (it is also home to the best liquor, tobacco, and opium in my opinion lol). Most of the cities are surrounded by oases and the weather is usually comfortably warm (dry or humid depending on where you go). While most of the cities are surrounded by oases, there are hot sandy deserts that divide the kingdoms as well. Sadly, in these parts of the realm the temperature rises drastically which makes it really difficult to travel between places.

Djinn are similar to humans in a sense that they can feel emotions like we do although they tend to handle and express them differently. They tend to take on humanoid forms and are very curious of humankind when it comes to our many different cultures and inventions. Overall, djinn are only really similar to humans when it comes to having their own personalities, interests, and morals, all of which vary greatly amongst the djinn and are usually harder to understand compared to humans.

A long time ago I did take brief notes on the main tribes of djinn when I first started to project to these lands. It is quite outdated but I will post it here anyway because I think it could be helpful in someway:

Djinn and Their Affinities

Core Appearance

Djinn cores appear to have a “smokeless flame” because they are solar beings in their own right. If they were fire elementals there would be smoke to their fiery core. However, solar and fire are closely related so I can see how people might see them that way (in my own views, I believe that the smokeless flame is in relation to the sun, people are more then welcome to disagree with me though).


Djinn typically specialize in one major basic element aside from their main solar affinity:

  • Aside from solar, Marid have water.
  • Aside from solar, Ifrit have fire.
  • Aside from solar, Hinn have earth.
  • Aside from solar, Jann have air.


Marid typically have blue tattoos on their body and have eyes that appear to reflect the waves of the sea. Some have aquatic traits to them such as scales, webbed hands, or webbed feet. Many are prideful and confident in nature making them fairly easy to talk to. The Marid tend to be very skilled in various forms of magick and are masters at healing.


Ifrit have a very fiery look to them and typically have glowing red eyes and tattoos. They have hot tempers and can be quite impulsive in heated situations. Through observation, some have horns as well as wings. They are known for their strength, their skills in weapon crafting, and their skills in close combat.


Hinn are wild and unpredictable in nature making it difficult to approach them. When it comes to looks, they are usually humanoid with animalistic traits (mostly canine). They also seem to commonly have muscular physiques and have glowing tattoos that tend to vary in color. They tend to specialize in shapeshifting and are able to work closely with the animals and plant life around them.


Jann typically have a huge air-like pressure to them and usually always have some sort of cloth that mostly covers their face. They are oftenly quiet and graceful in nature as well as having a love for collecting knowledge. A lot of them tend to have glowing yellow eyes and have tattoos that cover the entire body. They are renowned for creating sandstorms and are expert illusionists manipulating the air around them.


In my experience demons and jinn are 2 different types of beings. ALSO @Harith gave you a great amount of info. Many demon and jinn I’ve come across don’t care about poly but as for female being poly it’s up in air. Most of them are poly themselves but each has own ways.


I don’t anything of about Jinn but I know demons will go as far as to ask a female lover to even have physical sex. They will ask her to only belong to them that way.

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They have everything similar to us.
They eat, they sleep, they have homes, they have religions. There are three types of jinns :- 1.) One type is that they have wings and they fly and they roam around in the air.
• 2.) The other type is Animals, there is a category of jinn that typically appears in the form of Animals. And two animals in particular the jinns love to appear in are “snakes” and “dogs” but this does not mean they don’t appear in other forms.
• 3.) The third type of jinn is they come and they go, this is the one that seems to be the ones who frightens us and the ones who want to come into our lives…
Ofc there are many more types but I have experienced these three mostly, and I believe what I have myself experienced. Also most of them eat bones.


there’s 4 species of Djinn.


well 4 not counting the ghul djinn, but the known 4 are Marid, Ifrit, Jann, and Hinn.


If we look that way then there are more than 4 like, si’lat, shiqq, palis and nasnas.


Exactly, there’s more than 3 types of djinn.


I know, that’s why I said it.