Similarities between King Paimon and Orisha Inle

Although I’ve only been working with King Paimon for a short time, I’ve worked with Orisha Inle and received Him more than 10 years ago. As I read everything I could about King Paimon, I noticed some similarities between Him and Inle, here’s what I found:

  1. King Paimon is said to have a ‘feminine’ face, yet is masculine in nature. Orisha Inle also is known to have a ‘feminine’ face, but is masculine in nature.

  2. King Paimon is known to be a King of great wealth and who can bestow wealth. Orisha Inle is the Orisha who has great wealth and will give His children wealth.

  3. King Paimon possesses great wisdom and is symbolized by serpents. Orisha Inle is known as the DIVINE PHYSICIAN of the Orishas and He is also symbolized by serpents, specifically the medical symbol with the entwined snakes.

  4. Both King Paimon and Orisha Inle love and take offerings of fine food, elegant sweets and fine wines and both love offerings that are presented beautifully with the very best china and table arrangements. Both King Paimon and Orisha Inle like for their children and devotees to be well-dressed and clean when evoking and working with them.

I’m sure there are more similarities that I haven’t listed here, but I think it’s amazing what I’ve connected between these two amazing Divinities. Inle is my father in Ocha, and I don’t think it was by accident that I felt a connect with King Paimon from the moment I heard about Him.


That’s some good info there. Perhaps you felt that connection because they’re similar.


Thanks Manosman!

I believe you’re correct. Today I was guided to buy an antique oil lamp to use when evoking King Paimon. The thought came into my head to use particular oil which is ‘charged’ for specific purposes in the lamp and I keeping feeling that almond oil – if that exists – would be used in this lamp. What do you think?

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It could work as a talisman. However, you don’t need any tools to summon King Paimon. But it’s a good idea.

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thanks :slight_smile:

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