Silver Feathers

The feral cat my mom has been feeding out of concern killed a bird a few days ago. These were the intact feathers without flesh from the area where it was downed. They were put in a sealed zipper bag under sunlight for a few days to kill lice. I brought two more in today. All flight feathers, from the looks of it. Two of them have “fingers” so I wonder if they’re tail feathers.
I’ve been dreaming about these things. For some reason they remind me of Lucifer. Coincidence? Calling? Gift?

They look a little like pidgeon feathers.

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Anywho, observations aside, try looking at the totem meaning of the bird they belong to. You said you saw this in a dream too? Look up the dream interpretation, see what this yields.

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I looked up the birds from my area and the family they’re from. I think they’re shrike feathers. Loggerhead Shrike to be exact. It makes sense because they’re native around here.

Random interesting fact; they’re also known as butcherbirds because they impale insects to eat them. I wonder if that’s a reference to a spear or trident.

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Native American legends;

Shrike was given the power of Dance Caller (spiritual dance pow-wow leader) by Eagle;

“Butcher Bird (Shrike) – A predatory songbird, fearless and bold. A ferocious killer that will impale its victims. Check out your surroundings, know the value of having a surplus”

“Butcher Bird/Shrike Wisdom Includes:
The only truly predatory songbird, Ferocity, Value of surplus, Surveyor of one’s surroundings, Understanding of the nature of masks, Boldness, Fearlessness. “

This is sounding more and more like the path of a warrior the spirits want me to take.

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What rituals have you done lately? Have you done any justice work or hexes to teach someone a lesson rather than harm? Usually grey/black majority is a sign that your justice spell hex has been delivered by the deity you used.

I haven’t done any hexes lately. I’ve been asking Lucifer to help me with learning, and that’s pretty much it because I’ve been busy.


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