Silios + Fertility Goddess! Help!

My work with Beliel has finished. My shields are up. My “give a damn button” has been broken. And I’ve learned a tree doesn’t yield to the wind, most of the time. Meaning, I no longer care about the judgements of others.

I disregarded the spell that was given to me to find a lover, as, I don’t seek marriage. I finally understood what I wanted most and that was a baby. Instead of a marriage partner, I simply seek to find someone to have a baby/babies with who will want to be part of the child’s life. As in co-parenting!

I would seek a partner who is well educated, financially responsible, level headed, and understanding of how life works.

I’m to seek Silios. And a fertility Goddess from India who will give me a child/children - ideally, twins! I practice Kundalini and Prana yoga.

I’m new to the LHP (basically). And after clear understanding of what I want, I’m not settling for less than what I want anymore.


I hope some of the regulars help you out with this. If not I would personally message some of the female members on this site if I were you. I would suggest reaching out to either Lady_Eva or positivelycm. They seem to know a lot.

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Moontan and Oddnan, whilst I don’t always see eye to eye with Oddnan personally, might also be able to help you. Moontan is very understanding, and could also probably be a good mentor to somebody like you.


Thank you for the suggestion! However, it will need to be after the September Equinox - or Fall Equinox. I’m not part of the ritual.

It’s not to raise the those who have passed through deaths portal. Nor to raise ghosts. But I’ll make damn sure no one tries to conjure up my Mother from her peace.

It’s to awaken the souls of others, to the power in them.

YOU are the Gatekeeper. YOU are the vessel. And remember, you do not bow to anyone. No one in the LHP bows down. :slight_smile:

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Clarification: As in the woman who birthed me and raised me to be independent, it’s the anniversary of her death. So, I’m remembering my dead today.

Not Eve. Not Lilith. Not anyone important to history, but my own history.

So, leave me the hell alone! And whoever is sending me messages to my mind - can you stop for ONE day! Just leave me and my heart in tact and at peace today.

Thank You!

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I can try and take the person on for a day :heart:

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If that’ll help. I probably won’t be able to but I want to help if I can :heart:

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Or if I can’t take them on I’ll at least do something to help

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You are most certainly an upstanding fellow, may the Gods and Daemons smile upon you. I think you should contact this fair maiden and offer her the privilege of your tutelage master Stuart. Though, judging by her last post I imagine she’ll be grieving until tomorrow.

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I’m not advanced enough to teach lol

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I think she needs guidance regarding contacting those particular spirits, and how to develop the abilities to commune with them. So it’s not something all that advanced.

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True. I’ll let her decide :heart:. She’s going through Alot so I don’t want to make anything worse

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Fine! :angry::rage::triumph:

Remember what I told you long ago in a PM. I will not talk to you ever again about sex. You know my views. You know where I stand. And Silios said you’re to stay a friend only. Got it?

You have my permission to enter my dreams on Wednesday night. I’ll most likely be an asshole.

I want to go to the gate beyond the gate. Thanks.

And once you get me to Moonton, you leave me to speak with him.

What the fuck are you talking about?

I can’t enter people’s dreams yet… Not me.

This is getting pretty weird…

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That wasn’t for you. That was for Dagar.

Do you think everything is about you? You’re crazy!


My bad. And yes I do, life’s more entertaining that way.

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Sigh! And Silios is definitely screaming, “Noooooooo!”

Phew! :triumph::angry::rage: You made me mad. Sex was created for women. Not men. Because, eh-hmmm, essentially, we are the ultimate Gatekeepers.

And I choose to keep mine closed to you. And every other stupid man on the face of the Earth. :triumph:

You’re forgiven. I’m no longer mad.

But you’re to stay a confident, okay?