Silent Hill, best Occult themed horror franchise?

I used to be a big fan of Silent Hill, specifically the first 4 games and the movie.

There’s occult-themed stuff in there which is shown a lot, not to mention the use of magick, history of witch burnings etc.

My favourite games are the first 4, the 3rd and 4th and 2nd were excellent, I really liked the 1st too, and I liked the 1st movie, not so much the 2nd.

If there are other fans out here, do you believe it to be one of the best occult horror themed franchises of all time?


Silent Hill is one of my favorite movies. I haven’t played the games. I also like Insidious, the Conjuring, movies like that. And Hereditary. Those horrors have occult and well-known demons in them. For us who work with the demons we know they’re not like that, but their horror Christian tropes are still cool and great to watch

you should, they strike fear like true horror


I’m not much of a game player, alas. Maybe one day. I play some PC games, write and read :sweat_smile:

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Watch Jojo bizarrre adventure , they talk about astral body , remote viewing , tarot , etc :rofl:

Typemoon’s Fate series is quite good.

Silent Hill 2 is a masterpiece and one of the few games where you can find actual GOOD writing.

The sound is really well done and Yamaoka’s music is just the right one. I’m a big fan, to this day.

The other’s aren’t that cool, but are still good games. Four was kind of a let down, but I know it was meant to be its own franchise and later was retooled to be included as a SH game.

Didn’t like the movies.

In case you haven’t see it yet: Akira and Elizabeth live in Guadalajara, with some Mexican musicians.

(And yes, Promise if my favorite theme of ALL the OST)

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Silent Hill 2 scarred me for life as a child. I’ve never been the same since.

Interestingly Belial has appeared to me a couple of times in the guise of Pyramid Head. Joke’s on him though, I think Pyramid Head is kinda hot. Maybe I’m scarred more deeply than I thought :grimacing:

Anyway I can hardly argue with your estimation, if only because I can’t recall any other games which have had overt occult references. When it comes to other forms of media though, I do quite like Adventure Time’s sneaky mystic and occult references.

Silent hill 1 and 3 have many I think

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Lol! You don’t say :joy:

Belial showing up as pyramid head, damn, that’s scary

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OK, I’m gonna leave before I take this thread even more off-topic.

Most people don’t like SH4 but I actually find it real good, plus the song Cradle of Forest is really well done imo

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