Silence is Golden

Is there a spell (preferably an easy one, that doesn’t involve the victims picture) to make someone shut up? Preferably that they shut up and learn a lesson in how to be a respectable human being and not a raging several certain words

I want to eliminate their miasma of dark energy through silence.


No spell for you, just a procedural note.

You don’t need a picture. What you need is a link, preferably more than one. If you work with this person, then hair and snot are easy to get (eww), but more importantly, if you know this person, then you can create a link by listing some of their attributes, strengths and weaknesses on a paper in place of hair, a photo, or snot. Double ewww.

Jane McYnture, mother of Teressa, likes oreos, smells like old tea bags, afraid of hats, closet lesbian, won’t shut up about ______.

Consider these attributes and links like a set of mirrors that you are orienting in your target’s direction. The more beams of light, or reflections you have pointed in their direction, the stronger the connection.

You can’t hide if I have twelve mirrors pointed at you!

As for spells, fashion a curse and launch it through your favorite demon’s legion.

I’m sure someone else here can come up with a fun spell. Depends on whether or not you care about your target.


This spell should get it done …

You can add any additional elements to it as you wish.


You can do a freezer spell and use Alum (you can get it at the grocery store) in it to shut them up.

I come from a hoodoo background and how you write your petition and your intent is huge. You don’t need the alum necessarily but it can help.

You write their name on a piece of paper with what you want to happen (“shut up and learn a lesson in how to be a respectable human being”). If you use the alum, put it in the middle of the paper and fold it away from you while concentrating or saying what you want to occur (you can do the same without it). Then put it either in a ziploc bag or container filled with water and put it in the freezer.


Get a lime and cut it in half, write the name of the person on a blank peace of paper now put the name in the middle of it, then you bind that up with red thread like a ball then put 9 pin in the lime, use a foil paper to rap it, use the shine part inside and the other side out! Then put it in the freezer spell complete!!!

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I can relate! I have an aunt to is very close to us, always trying to bring us down, particularly me. Don’t know why. Anyways, I work very closely with King Paimon. I’ve asked him very kindly to influence her mind to keep her damn mouth shut. It’s worked. AND she’s nice to me now. When she does open her mouth, it’s talk about things like cats and dogs. The other thing I did as well, was evoke Saturn whenever I’m around her. So, she could feel this deadly existential dread around me. The reason for doing this, is because since she’s always trying to compete with me (there’s a 20 year difference), make me feel like crap, etc. I worked with Saturn to essentially stop projecting all her nonsensical crap onto me, and start realizing she has to get her own shit together instead of making me feel bad because I do have my shit together.

As well as cute cats and dogs, she talks about how old she is, how nothing had progressed in her life, questioning her very existence. (see Saturn’s work here?) oh, did I mention she’s now in a crippling depression,? She also had her hours cut. King Paimon and Saturn are definitely humbling the f* out of her. Got more than I asked for! These spirits are amazing.

Just for some context, before all of this, she always talked about how young, beautiful, she is. Also that her job as a waitress is making her rich or something. She no longer talks /lies. She just keeps her mouth shut.

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Interesting. Do you have to be in trance for hoodoo magic?