Siigil magick and results!

Hi everybody!

I think I’ve experienced enough results now to talk about the importance of letting go with sigil magick.

In February I did sigil magick just “to try”. I did several, one that were important to me and another on a topic idgaf : money. It was just to see if “it works”.
Let’s talk about this one cause the others were total fails lol !
I created a sigil on the intent to get money, I mentioned no amount neither a way to gain it, I think it’s important to know I don’t work and really don’t care about money cause I already have some. I created it in the most common way : wrote a sentence, deleted similar letters and then designed a sigil with the remaining letters. I then gaze at it until I got into trance (the sigil was “moving”). Then I kept it somewhere and one day I threw it and tbh completely forgot I did it and what it looked like.
My results? I didn’t noticed them at first but I got big confirmation yesterday that yes it worked. Through this months I got: free stuffs out of nowhere, a woman I follow on Instagram and never talk with she just came out one day asking my address and sent me a huge amount of makeup for free, then I ordered an obsidian online for less than 500€, I got a problem and its holder was broken during delivery (that costs around 30€ max) I noticed it to the seller and 2 weeks after got TOTAL refund not only for the holder but for the obsidian too. When I went to do shopping I always got refunds out of nowhere too and the friend doing shopping with me too (she told me she wanted to do shopping only with me now cause I’m like a lucky charm haha). My tax center gave me back money (16k euros) and few months after contacted me again saying they still have money to refund to me (17k euros). Yesterday I went to a shop cause I need to buy a car; I took an appointment with a seller totally randomly, it happened that there was special sales on brand new cars : I ended up paying 59k a car that costs at first 70k so I got 11k less on my car and even got 3 years advantage to take care of the car (the brand is BMW if someone is curious about it).
This summer I went on holidays on a big town in my country and went into a hotel for 2 weeks unfortunately I had to leave for personal reasons after only a week: the hotel told me they never do refunds etc… they refunded me 1 week… it happened twice this summer (I have changed my life so I needed sometimes to leave the hotel sooner) in the second hotel I only stayed one night instead of 1 week, they refunded me half of the week and like the other hotel they usually never do! I went in a electronic shop and bought a vacuum, they upgrated it and told me they gave me the most expensive model at the same price than the one I first choose (it was a dyson), that same day I bought other electronics and I got several refunds too cause it was special week (I didn’t know until I had to pay). One month ago I went in a shop to buy furnitures too and I got deals too. I ordered 2 stuffs on Etsy, they said if you buy 3 the 4th is free, I didn’t need 3 stuffs and kept buying only 2, I got an email from the seller saying she still offered me a third one.

I doubt it was coincidences cause that’s a lot of “lucky” coincidences, and usually I’m absolutely not the kind of person that is lucky.

At least this experience showed me the importance of letting go and to forget about the magick you’ve done !

I hope my experience will inspire others too. :blush:

Thank you for reading me.


thanks for writing this. I’m also trying the same, but want it for steady income flow. I don’t want bits here and there, I need steady stable income


As I’ve said I wrote nothing special when creating the sigil so you can completely be more specific about it :blush:.

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Get bank deposit slips and fill these in with a wage above what you think you’ll get. Attached to a bathroom mirror is good, because pretty soon you won’t notice it, but your subconscious always will. Carry one on your person and gaze at it when required, whilst realising your success in your mind’s eye.

Basically, instead of trying to forget your Sigil Magick you flood yourself with it until it becomes boring and then forgotten. Keep notes.