Signs of Posession (How could I identify them when are related with Lady Liith)

Good day for all. This time I need your wisdom and advice guidance about this. Just a few description about me so you could understand me better. Since February, I’ve been working into sex magick trying to get contact with Lady Liith. I have to confess that I wasn’t fully active into it because I’ve been looking for answers about what I really want and need. So, my magick work has been soft but strong at the same time, because I’ve been feeling physical and minded situations that made me tought that I’ve been doing the things right. During this time, I’ve been feeling the presence of my Lady Lilith, getting more attracted about her and wanting to go on into my magick path with her. This time (the main reason of this post) I’ve felt something that I need to know if its a sign of possesion from Lady Lilith. I could resume this into this points:

  1. Loosing control of my mind and body (I could feel that I lost sensivity on my arms, like if something wanting to control them)
  2. The feeling of lust is increasily stronger: The needing of being lustful when I loose partial control on me is really strong into me.
  3. Sometimes I feel like Lady Lilith take control of my voice and I start to say things related about my relation with her.
  4. My body sometimes arches. This was the most intense feeling. My body starts to tremble and arches.

There are more signs that I wanna share with somebody that could advice me about this (I’ll do it in Private)

Thank you to all for read me…


Maybe I need to converse with Lilith to possess the world population to buy my cookery book and possess university staff to change their mind to give me a seat. They really are bipolar. What was the spell you were doing or pact you made with her.

Lillith does not possess, she has no need to.
From whatbi have been told and from my experiences is that only lesser of the Realms will possess because they need to feed to gain there power.
I could be wrong most definitely.

If you would like to be able to manipulate others minds then Dantalion would be one to ask but i advise you to build a relationship with him beforehand, if you make a pact, a deal l, agreement and dont furfill his demands on your side he will have harsh consequences.

Trust me i know i have been on that side of the spectrum.

As well as not listening to them when they are only guiding you to donwhats best for yourself.

Its not just hocus pocus bada bing bada boom lol

Have safe travels on your journey sister

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