Signs in Dreams that a love spell is working

Does anyone utilize dreams to determine signs that they’re love spells or general spells are working?

So I redid a an intense obsession jar ritual about 4 weeks ago on a crush, I haven’t hung out with them in over a year, but we’re pretty close, and I’ve always felt an intense attraction.
I’ve had many dreams of them in the past, it’s very rare that I’m able to actually get intimate with them. About last year I dreamt they went in and kissed me, just last night things got more intense and touchy feely in my dreams. Mind you they were the one who was getting touchy feely.
Again this rarely ever happens when it comes to my crushes, so when intimacy does actually happens especially if they are the ones willingly getting intimate with me in A dream, to me it sends me signals, at the same time I hope I’m not trying to hype myself up.
I’ve heard it’s important that your target of interest is the one doing the touching and being intimate when dreaming.

I feel like these are signs that my energy is having an effect, has anyone else experienced anything similar?

I know dreams can be nothing more than our minds confronting our problems or living our fantasies, but sometimes I get a very intuitive vibe from them, and even will scry my dreams to navigate through situations in life.

From what I understand, once you cast a spell, everything from that moment on is a sign of how it is working. How it was explained to me is through the concept of time. If time is a “dot” and everything is happening “now”, then it is possible that the ideas we receive are just future memories. Thoughts are living things. If a future thought is a living thing, then it can send itself to you from the future in the form of an idea or "“divine inspiration”.

But, just because you have an idea, it doesn’t mean it can manifest. That’s because some ideas are not meant to manifest, but to lead you to the next step towards what you really want. For example, if you didn’t write this post, based on your love spell, I would never have responded. If I never responded, maybe this post wouldn’t spark an idea in the next person who sees it.

That’s where detachment comes into the equation. When spells are cast, they take on a life of their own, a life which we should detach from ourselves. We have no real way of knowing “how” it will happen.

As for signs that “something” is happening, all you have to do is look around you. In doing my research, I spoke to a Godmother/Sangoma and she told me that the Spirits communicate through everything. Lets say your crush is called Will. If you turn on the TV and Will & Grace is playing, that’s a sign. If you go out to the grocery store and you see a car like his in front of you, that’s a sign. Follow that car, see where it takes you. These are signs that feed your imagination into growing in the knowing that “something” is happening. It’s not our job to figure out “what” that thing is, only to enjoy the ride.

So to answer your question: yes, your dreams are a sign that your spell is working. You’re becoming obsessed, which is the energy you’re conjuring, so let the feelings of obsession take you over the same way you want it to react on him. Don’t block or doubt it, dive straight into it.

edit: tltr: follow the obsession, not the boy


Im restarting this thread because of a dream of my own I had last week. I do have my guy in jar so to speak. An obsession jar (just in wanting to speak to me not love"). I did this on the new moon.

Last week I had a dream and he suddenly said to me “I will think and do as I want”. I my dream I didnt say anything to bring about this comment. He wasnt angry but sounded very frustrated. He just walked up to me and spat that out. I do dream of the dead(he isnt of course!!!) and get messages sometimes from them. In my dreams of his he has never been rude or anything. Last dream before this one he went into a room and packed a bag (more less saying he was “leaving” and I havent spoken to him since). That was this past March.

Now based on the above comment this means the spell has taken affect on his strong willed stubborn ass??? I should also add that this is someone I was madly in love with. In recent weeks though I have acquired a huge strong dislike for him. I wont say hate but a definite step below that. I’m not sure what to do at this point. Maintain my path already or create my own obsession to ignite his even more.

It sounds like ive reached him but im confused. The last two dreams must have meant something as if im going to dream of them I can assure you they would be MUCH DIFFERENT. Not his leaving me (in other words stop talking to me all together) or making that comment to me.