Signs from azazel

Long story made short.

Did ritual with azazel (gateway) last week for wealth and success through architectural work and the healing/ritual stuff plus my ascent.

This week I go to a joinery job on site in sheffield.

Day one: took me a full day to drill 3 small holes, had £100 drill stolen.

Day two: full glass door shatters all over me cutting my hands wrist and my arm pretty deep.

This morning: nearly hit a car near the site, when I get on site, the labourer had thrown my helmet, high viz drills chisel etc in the bin when he cleaned up the broken glass.

The message: when building a dam to control water, be sure not to stand against it when it is released but to wait patiently and join the flow when the moment comes to ensure you reach the destination which you asked for in the first place.

Peace and love xx

EA had a similar experience when he began his work with Azazel. Everything seemed to be falling apart on the work front, but things sure turned around!

Working with Azazel you have noticed things started to fall apart, but did you question why this happened? What is the history if Azazel and what is his energy all about other than written in whatever book? I’m just curious what the author of this thread as well as E.A.'s intentions were.

This is because there is certain things regarding Azazel that perfectly explains why those jinxed things happened to you.

The moment I left the seemingly jinxed building site I got an email for architectural work, I understand why those things happened to me, it seems that when you work with a spirit and ask for a certain outcome then your part of the bargain is to enter into ‘contract’ through action and the action must be in line with the path you asked for otherwise you are guided back onto the path by whatever means are deemed reasonable by the spirit.

That’s my take on it anyway. What do you think biosynth? Do you have any deeper knowledge of azazel you could share?