Signs and communications - my first clear outside evocation contact

So, yesterday I bought myself a new pad and pen for my magical study. The pen has a coiled golden cobra at the top. I didn’t NEED it, but I had to have it.

Later that day I pick up a second hand novel, nothing occult related, and this chapter title rears up at me
“To meet Ashtaroth” … Astaroth who carries… a cobra.

I wanted to check and didn’t have any divination tools with me as am staying at my mother-in-law’s. A church going Christian. What do I find? I complete set of Lenormand cards. I do the divination and it is a resounding yes, I should contact Astaroth.

So yeah, I guess I’ve been told! Now to research!

Thank you for the heavy hints, Universe. I’m finally picking up on them.