Significant Experiences

I’m curious to hear about other practitioner’s experiences… the kind that leave you longing for more truth and furthering of your own spirituality.

It doesn’t have to be worded prettily.

Of course I’ll share a few of my own in a bit. I’m off to meetings soon, so I don’t have much time right now.

Thanks for sharing!!

Let me see, waking up to a pair of eyes from a shadowed figur watching me in the closet, getting pulled off at the edge of sleep into some astral landacape and meeting the personification of death Herself, my father telling me of astral projection as a child, and of course an alien voice calling my name down the hallway in the dark when I was little :slight_smile:

possession/really weird night terrors as a kid, azazel kicking my ass for evoking him in a dream for no reason at all(not very well thought out on my part I just wanted to see if I could do it), having sex with a spirit for the first time, causing someone to have the worst acid trip of their life with nothing more than projecting fear into their subconscious. it’s the little things in life lol.

Hey Cheezus, haven’t seen ya in a while :slight_smile: I made it rain once when I was about 13 by reciting some shitty wiccan incantation lol but it actually worked, full on rain storm in about 3 minutes! So that was cool.

I just met a spirit today. My wife and I are trying to have a kid and the spirit I met introduced herself as a protector of women and children. I had to leave for work but this encounter left me wanting to know more about the spirit. She gave me her name so it looks like I have an evocation to do.

Opening of the heart chakra and its bliss, also some meetings with the Dweller on the Threshold, and the manifestation of spirits through winks

Just tonight I did the Servants of Darkness ritual as outlined in EA’s WoD. All I can say is… WOW!!!

I had physical sensations, the strongest visualizations yet, and a lingering afterglow that makes me feel like I finally embraced the beginning of my true destiny as a dark god

I am working a 12 hr. shift at work (I work alone for a Liquid Natural Gas company) it is 1:36 am and absolutely nothing is going on. So I opened the square of the Kingdom of Blue Flame and scryed Sastan’s sigil. I asked Sastan to help me see the spirits that are around me, long story short I am making friends and getting paid for it!