Sign of the ? (GD poses)

It’s escaping me

Both arms straight above the head

What is that??

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Apophis from above but closer to your ears?

Straight up

Uncomfortably so

Could also be slightly forward but straight up possibly

Hard to recall exactly

Only looking bc something appeared to me in that position itself

And wondering wtf and why lol :joy:

Sign of Philosophus

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Nope outstretched completely?

Either straight up or slightly forward

Thats probably just an asana, then.

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Sign of Theoricus?

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Yeah I found closest thing to it a yoga pose urdvha asthasana

Thought might have a ritual magick connection bc of what I was pondering on at the time


Got an image for me to check? Google isn’t being too easy

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Still doesn’t seem quite right

My comments on this thread are why I’m curious if anyone fancies helping me out

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Be closer to zealator but both arms fully straight outstretched and closer to ears - that high