Sign before even starting the ritual

Hello everyone, something unexpected happened to me so I want to ask you whether it’s happened with anyone else too.

A few weeks ago at around 2am I started to prepare next days ritual (I always prepare all the papers, candles tools 1 day before the actual ritual) and then I went to sleep. When I woke up, I’ve seen a sign that would be a sign that my ritual is working. But it happened even before the ritual.

I was like “okay this isn’t gonna matter I’m doing the ritual I’m not distracted” so I did the ritual.

But it’s amazing because the chances of this are so small, for example I want to buy a green house for 6 months, and after 6 months I’m like “well okay I do a ritual for that” and even before the ritual is performed a get a sign like an old classmate calls you that he is a real estate agent and if you want come in to check houses.

It was with a demon if that helps

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Congrats, that’s pretty neat :slight_smile: I haven’t experienced it myself but it’s allegedly a not-uncommon experience among magicians:

  1. Time Bending
    Results beginning to occur before the working itself (evocation, spell, energy work) - this seems to be an almost universal experience, it’s well known to happen in healing work and within the core shamanism paradigm, which has aims and methods completely different to most demonic evocation and black magick, and it seems to escalate as the experience and basic power of the magician grows;

Time doesn’t exist it’s just a theory used to cope with reality , well it’s very hard to explain but we are moving through timelines based on our energy and moving throfuh what can be explained as small sequential moments every nanosecond like how a old film reel has cut up moments , so technically if you start aligning with a certain energy you align with the reality of whatever you were going after


To piggy back off of @Veil

Here I had the result come before the working. But I still did the working. Now, I’m assuming that it wouldn’t have happened if somehow it wasn’t know that I would follow-through with it. But that’s one helluva way to encourage someone to follow through, right?


Yea it’s a good thing, I mean I still did the ritual and waiting for it to manifest but it’s the first time something like this happened in a way like this :slight_smile:

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I’m not a native speaker, but by this you mean it’s a test that whether you do something at any matter or if it’s yours you don’t even care anymore?

It wasn’t my case because I just got a sign not the entire results but I had 0 intention to stop working on this at all :slight_smile:

My apologies. I didn’t pay attention to the English. Which is a complement. I will pay attention to this.

No, my friend. I still cared. The result started before I did the actual ritual. There is mental preparation for this type of ritual for a few days first, where you think about it and, if wanted, view the angel’s sigil for a few minutes. The result came before I did the final part of the ritual. So, it came before I did the end of the ritual.

Planck’s time. Allegedly (well, according to that Monroe Institute Gateway Experience report the CIA released), we blink in and out of existence (or cross into alternate realities) every (5.39 × 10⁻⁴⁴) seconds. Or, our consciousness travels sideways, backwards, forwards, and upside down through all possible and potential existences constantly, based on our current trajectory and mindset, at tiny intervals of time, in a way that causes us to perceive the passage of time. Allegedly. I’m very partial to this theory though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Using the above as a framework – it’s like, you aligned with the reality where you had already done the ritual in the future, which affected your present, and potentially also your past :exploding_head:


Thank you, my friend. And there’s little (no) chance I could’ve said it better. Been away from Science for a few years now.

I’ve done scores of workings this past year, but it always takes me by surprise when a manifestation occurs before the ritual. Rare in my case, to be honest. Which is why it struck me.

But I’ll definitely take a pre-manifestation over NO manifestation :wink:


Yeah that’s what I was trying to get at , hit the nail on the head right there

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Another reason why being trapped or at the mercy of time imo is also associated with a , for lack of a better term , a lower level of conciousness , is because those types of people always complain about the past or live in it , or are always fearful and anxious about the future ,

But what they fail to realize is that if you raise your vibration in the present , the perception of the past and future changes automatically , so essentially it makes time not really a factor

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Yes, it’s easy to get stuck in the idea that the 3D world is the active cause and your mental state & emotions are the reactive effect. There’s a lot of power in recognising the opposite: your emotional state and your thoughts are the active cause, the 3D world is the reactive effect.

“The all is mind, the universe is mental.”


Exactly , this is the illusion world , as within so without , but people wants turn to alcohol and drugs when they feel bad :rofl: lowers their reality even more

I think the public education system should skip all the subjects and hand everyone a kybalion take a test and they graduate :rofl:

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This has happened to me many times. Intent is some powerful mojo and the universe starts to rearrange itself when you start to prepare…

When I was new and worked tirelessly to memorize the arch angels, evocation codes and enns associated with the demons, I started to feel and experience people and situations in general changing.

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