Sign a record deal

Hello are you? Ladies and gentlemen I need your help.I’m not a proficient master mage, but I’m not a complete newbie. i’ve Done some spells but NO evocation And other High art this Is not for me.I’m a musician and I would like to get/sign a recording contract with a music label(major label) I’ve tried St Expedite but it looks like he probably not work this way.Tell me what to try who from the spirit world to ask for help. Time is running I lost a lot of years.I have a REALLY good songs. I sent demos to the label but of course nothing … f*** and they’re good songs I’ll be glad for every your advice…

It’s hit and miss with that shit. Keep trying tangibly because most of the hit superstars probably didn’t try contacting demons prior, probably afterwards :slight_smile:

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This isn’t a set it and forget it kind of field. If your spells aren’t bringing results then you aren’t doing enough.

Do the leg work and get really good, then you can return to casting spells later. It’ll come. You don’t have to be big to be successful.

St. Expedite is for emergencies and impossible situations. You want to petition someone for a long term working that you can continue to gradually build on instead.

Good luck.