Are there a sigil for an Incubus/succubus? and what demon is best to call on for wealth and prosperity? do you have a sigil for it? would be cool to have a list of different demons and their “speciality” along with their sigils…

Pick up a grimoire. Do research. Don’t expect everything to be just handed to you. The few people here who actually aren’t struggling novices had to work for their knowledge.

^ That’s true, and if you’re totally new to the black arts and don’t know which grimoires to begin with, this website is only so-so in my opinion with regards to their own reviews, however it has a convenient list of various demons, their sigils, and on each demon’s page it has the info about the grimoires they’re listed in, including some modern works:

It’s mauve and kinda silly looking IMO, but a decent resource for a quick lookup within 2 clicks, and then you can work your way through all the major grimoires and related works (most of the classics are out of copyright and available free online) as you need them.

Damn that site has a lot of info.