I bought a book off Amazon called. Dictionary of angels but their are no sigils in the book.

Can create a sigil for spirits or how do I contact them without a sigil.


Sigils are helpful but not necessary, all you really need is the name and a brief description so your mind knows what type of image to create for them.

If you’re more comfortable with a sigil of the angel, you should be able to search for it once you have the angels name. or use the rose cross method of sigil creation. But there is one person on here i know that knows a lot about angels.
@ashtkerr what is your insight?

rose cross wheel


Two things: first, dictionaries are not grimoires, so it makes sense that there would be no sigils. Second, most angels don’thave sigils anyway.

The use of sigils in evocation is overrated in my opinion. Just use the name, chant it, and as you enter the trance you should be able to be aware of the presence of the spirit.

If you are not spiritually sensitive to the presence of spirits, then do energy and chakra work until you are.

But, I digress, if you feel a sigil is necessary, then the rose cross method is sufficient.


I just make drawings based on what I think the demen looks like then I pray to it and sometimes it comes. Well this works with Satan anyway but he technically an angle I think. So yea draw a picture of the angle then pray to it and they usually come for me.


What is your goal for contact? To invoke the angelic characteristics? To request assistance in a particular venture? To get to know the angel? To attempt full physical manifestation of the angel by evocation?

There are loads of angelic sigils floating about the internet. And evocation, though powerful and fun, is hardly necessary for contact or communication.

Angelic sigils

And to find any sigil existing in cyberspace, type the name of the entity followed by ‘sigil.’

Example: Michael sigil

They are extremely useful to meditate on the entity, after all, until the beginner can do a blind evocation (a colossal amount of work in terms of focus and energy). Not to mention that blindly evoking can be dangerous if the beginning practitioner is uncertain of the entity’s nature or characteristics and contacts a pretender. A sigil is a nice gateway that has been tried by many. Besides, this point, an even better sigil, a personal sigil can be requested from the entity, so that the practitioner has a lovely personal gateway from which to contact the angel, so even less of the practitioner’s energy has to be expended on the public gateway/sigil. Again, useful for a beginner to get a feel for the presence of the entity and see a side of the entity that resonates more precisely with the beginner’s energy.

(I use the same search engine method to look up recipes. Food name followed by ‘recipe.’ :wink:)



You say loads but then only provide three, these three sigils are manufactured by use of the Rose Cross which we already talked about was a sufficient method.

Many of the more well known angels do have sigils, I will not deny that, but the vast majority of angels do not.

Eistibus is the angel of divination, if you search “Eistibus angel sigil” you will receive no sigil. You will receive this same result for the vast majority of angels.

None of the 64 angel wardens of the 7 celestial halls have sigils nor do most of the 70 childbed amulet angels.


Yes, I provided 3 example links. You know, rather like citing sources, which was not done previously, but is rather mandatory with all of those nifty intellectual property laws we have, particularly as Google is caching your life as you post anything online.

:neutral_face: So you are suggesting that every angel out there should be contacted solely and effectively by …using the rose cross for sigil creation… with absolutely no explanation on how to do so save a reference picture included in another’s poster’s reply to the OP? Hmm. So, no, we didn’t ‘talk about it.’ :unamused:

Why is acquiring a sigil via the rose cross the only method mentioned? Because all angels respond well to Qabalistic-style summoning in English with an English “translation” Rose Cross that is only a gross approximation of capturing the actual Hebraic vowel and consonant sounds of the entity’s name? Or because that is simply your favorite method with your Judeo-Christian Catholic background? I see that no mention of using a square (Hebraic or otherwise) to concoct an angelic sigil, either. And a mispronounced name brings up…who (especially, when paired with a misconstrued sigil)??

Yet, again, that is neither here, nor there because:

The OP provided no clarification on the question asked, nor did the OP mention a reason for contacting an angel, let alone a more obscure one than those commonly published for the public that would require the OP to try invent or create a sigil in the first place.

Simply because the OP’s nice new dictionary doesn’t list sigils, is no reason to assume that the desired angel is currently sigil-less. :slight_smile:

What difference does it make for you to give a red herring example to try to make me look foolish in the face of insufficient data? So I can waste my time knocking down your logical fallacy? Are you being crabby for no apparent reason? :sleepy:Maybe I’m reading into your tone a bit much; it’s been a long day. :disappointed_relieved:

Besides, I notice that you also fail utterly to mention that Franz Bardon has a nice collection of angelic sigils, (somewhere in the neighborhood of 72 of them), as well. David Brand has some helpful writing, too. Odd since you have mentioned Bardon’s work in other posts and recommended Bardon’s books. Something that is, again, a pointless reference since it is still not apparent what use the OP has for contacting this heretofore unnamed angel in the first place, let alone anywhere near 72, 64, or 70 of them regardless their choir; archangel, cherubim, seraphim, whatever. :no_mouth:

I suppose I could also recommend that the OP dive right in and purchase the Evocation course from BALG since there are a couple (one or two) nice angelic sigils depicted there. :wink: …Of course, I have no knowledge of whether the OP has any interest in full on evocation or learning how to do so.

And since the OP has posted no further reply, I have no further interest in the topic at present.

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