Sigils with Lilith and lucifer

I made a sigil 3 months ago on my friend and I have burned it using a candle, after that he suggested me to meet with him, I was in lust with him for quiet some time, and than I realized I fell in love with him, I created after that multiple of sigils and burned them, and than Lilith appeared to me and suppurated and made a gap distance between us, i concluded that she didn’t came for helping, couple days ago, I used lucifer sigil with placing it on my friend picture, and above him I have attached active red candle, than my feelings for him faded away completely in all aspects, with no intention at all, did he came for me at all or he came just to affect me negatively, what exactly happened in regard to the situation with my friend ? I’m a girl by the way and he is a man


Please give her some advices she is a good friend of mine I would really appreciate it, basically her feeling toward him faded away and she was in lust for him for serval months, if someone would analyze this I would really appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

If i am i understanding the post correctly this was lust spell using sigil magic. Followed by lilith decided to step in followed by calling on Lucifer to reinforce the lust spell which instead resulted in all feelings for the man dissipating.

That sound about right? Tryin to understand the situation correctly before i attempt to analyze anything.

What I got was Lilith made the guy distance himself from OP, so she called Lucifer, to which OP’s feelings dissippated.

Whilst the limpidity of your expressed plight is full of bumps and cracks - I will assume some missing lines and answer as best as i can.

Now, Even though you might be inclined to think Lilith didn’t “come to help out” ;This is an err in intellection. The way “spirits” work is far from our comprehension as we are naturally oblivious to some polar factors.

Though i would suggest you ask Lilith and Lucifer what really happened. I do believe they are acting in your best interest - They are great beings! If they tear down the pathway you are presently walking on; Perhaps they’ve seen that your pathway leads to a fruitless destination.

By the way… Instead of creating and burning “multiple” sigils for a “Man” - You should probably take a step back, meditate, ruminate and ponder on your actions;See if they really are in your best interest.

Humans are prone to do stuffs out of weakness and misapprehension.

That is precisely what I thought when I read the post. They DID help. You were in lust, not love. You called Lilith and she did help you. She empowers women right? She hates what? She saw how or who he was, and decided the best way to help you was to get you away from him. Not only did they DO that but they also removed your infatuation with this guy so you do not even feel heartache as his absence. To me, their combined actions on your behalf is very loving. I would thank them and call them so maybe you can get clarification and offer them something in thanks. But that is just me.

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