Sigils - When things seem to be getting worse

I created a few sigils a while ago (3 of them over the course of a couple of weeks). I used sexual energy to charge them during that time, and then I activated them by destroying them. I worked on each one individually. Since then I have mostly put the sigils out of my mind. They do pop into my mind very occasionally, but that’s about it.

They all showed signs of working earlier than I expected. These signs or results happened during the time between creating them and activating them.

However, once I had activated them, the results seemed to come to a halt, and then in fact, the situation I was intending to overcome has actually got worse. I’ve used sigils quite a lot of times in the past, and never had this problem before.

Any ideas what I might have been doing wrong? I activated them about 2 weeks ago, more or less.


Your not supposed to destroy them

Really? From what I’ve always thought, you charge them and then activate them by tearing them up and throwing them away, or burning them, etc. Maybe I’m doing the process wrong?

If you’re trying to use the chaos magick method, you have the right idea, but you’re supposed to destroy the sigils after the intended result happens.

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Ah! I see.

That explains why they were working at first as well…

Thank you for the feedback.