Sigils that keep flashing

The past couple days since I opened my first sigil there has been something happening that I don’t know is supposed to.As I gaze at the sigil the lines start disappearing and coming back.But my question is are the lines suppose to KEEP flashing.The flashing doesn’t stop untill I quit gazing at it.Am I supposed to keep going untill it is done?

Your doing it right, the lines should flash or look 3D or have an aura around it while gazing. This will get easier the more you do it as you train yourself to get into trance. Congrats man, I know you’ve been working hard for this.

Thanks TWF! I used to see the aura before I could get sigils to flash,but I knew I needed to keep gazing deeper.Now while the sigil is flashing I see the aura,but no 3D effect yet.The lines do become bolder and kind of split in two.Also I can kind of see a shadow below the sigil so I know I’m almost there.And I’d like to say thanks for everyone’s support on this forum! Without all the advice and encouragement I might have given up by now.

If your seeing the shadow then that’s what I mean 3D, it looks like its not on the paper.

Cool I was wondering if that was the effect I was looking for.I guess I was expecting something more dramatic.If there’s one thing I could say to beginners is to not be expecting pyroteknics and fireworks like the movie industry makes majick look like.We are dealing with very subtle shifts so don’t doubt yourself if it’s not as extravagant as you were imagining it to be.

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Wha… damn it all. I’ve been able to do that for a while now. Why the hell hasn’t it been manifesting? Magick is confusing.

Is it possible you haven’t gazed at the sigil long enough and therefore not exhausted your desire for the outcome? Remember, you should come out of this with the certainty of success. And you don’t have to trick yourself into thinking this. When you have successfully charged a sigil you will know it, it will just seem ‘done’.

I’ve been having the same problem.The sigil would take on a white aura,the lines would get bolder and split,and I would see the shadow.I would make my command and nothing would happen up until the incident with Paralda and Sastan.I just figured I still hadn’t opened the sigil. My only conclusion as to why me (or you) havn’t been getting results is either I’m not trusting it to work or I’m not releasing my full desire and dropping any attachment to the goal.This seems to be the most difficult part in majick especially when the situation is dire.I did an experiment with the sigil of. called me yeng Paimon last night to get him to influence the minds of a medical associationwhich called me yesterday saying I owe them over $2000.I’m trying not to think about it and trust that Paimon will handle it,but its hard.

EA’s latest video addresses this.

[url=]- YouTube

I’m totally checking that interview when I get home!

If as EA suggests that the sigil is like the telephone number of the Powers & Spirits, then whenever you are able to make them flash, its like calling Them up on the telephone. So, if you’re calling Them up with either nothing to say, or you keep checking in on Them too see how its going with the tasks you authorized Them to do on your behalf, They could get annoyed.

If you’d like, I could use you as an independent test subject for my visualization experiment. I could simply imagine you happy & content with the results for this issue and the issue regarding your daughter. That was we take care of 2 problems with just one stone.

to add to (not to contrast) to some of the above- be sure that one’s eyes are being fixed in a stare or too tense… eye fatigue causes what is described in much the same way as an opening- but its different (eye fatigue, staring either going out of focus or “over-exposure” of the image seems more visual and ‘outside’ - while opening seems more of a brain affect, it should hint at what develops into the TGS and thus the Rapture, so it is on that continuum so the beginning of that tumbling feeling.)

Recognize that you are the person in the chair but there is a different sense and that state of mind starts to sort of tumble and shift… and you can ignore one or the other- usually the fixation feels a little weird in some undefined way (as the Subcon currents start to churn and affect the conscious-mind) but we think- “stop that, I’m trying to concentrate” figuring that was distraction… and think that the phy perception of the eyes- vs a feeling of “unreality” almost like what you are Experiencing at the Moment is a memory (ie you are in a Memory/ slightly dream like- vs the memory being of something previously experd)… that gives a feeling that sometimes is shook-off as “that felt weird- I don’t feel like myself…” (and yet just started)

-trick seems to be breadcrumbs (ala Hansel and Gretel… once you find the hidden-place in the woods you can follow the trail back, but finding it the first time ____
[not so much hard to find, but you “know it” already! except you “know” That can’t be it! ]

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Wha… damn it all. I’ve been able to do that for a while now. Why the hell hasn’t it been manifesting? Magick is confusing.[/quote]

Begin with NAP. Or otherwise start with basic magic training from E.A. course.

But what E.A. does not mention is that not everyone can become successful right off the bat. He himself has been spiritual since he was a kid.

When I first started I found meditation very hard or any sort of trance, my mind was juggernaut, when you start to awaken true will, you go weak and helpless from strong and strong from weak, until you learn to balance.

Also when you start to awaken true will, be ready for your life to turn into turmoil for a short period, magik is not for faint heart who are not ready to risk anything and gain everything.

Get your life in balance first so you are ready to handle the awakening and the new shift!

But the good news is everyone is a born magician, while you are a baby you were in Nirvana, and you were the most powerful magician but with out a true will, you understand?

True will is composed of upbringing and personality and molding them for the purpose of magick.

Hope that helps, “keep going when going under hell” and persevere through the odds, the payoff is that you become a living God.

You can reincarnate who you wish and when you wish and with powers and your present personality intact etc in the next life as well. So keep trying :slight_smile:

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Not to sound un-educated but what is NAP?

New Avatar Power by Geoff Gray-Cobb (hope that’s the right name) It’s pretty much simplified magic with a relaxation induction to put you in the right frame of mind, then an Invocation of angelic entities for whatever your desire, be it money, health, etc. The book also contains a watered down version of the Middle Pillar ritual and banishings.