Sigils tattoo advice please!

I have a tattoo on my arm of the sigil of lucifer(he brought only good and miracles and was there for me in my darkest hour ans saved me from one if my worst enemy( sent her to the grave and for that he got my trust love and loyalty forever!!!) so i thought he desreved that respect and much more.
But when i was working with him i heard belial voice in my head saying he wants to work with me,and ever since then he coming to my dreams with helps and incantations,but i forget them when i wake up becouse they are too long and today belial and lucifer helped me both in a money rescue that i needed badly
So i want to make another tattoo but of belial sigil
But i’m afraid that it would be desrespectfull to both of them.and i can’t talk with them couse my astral senses aren’t open enough,and i don’t know what to do.

Thank you for reading


I can only speak from experience, but I don’t believe that either would find it disrespectful. After all, if you already had the sigil of Lucifer, and Belial contacted you, I doubt he minded. I don’t see any reason why you should’t be able to honor both of them in this way.

Ars Longa Vita Brevis


Phew thank you archon!! Was really relieved to hear this couse i was so worried.
It’s just with the tattoo i feel more connected to them and the relationship with lucifer is lot stronger and i want to show them that my loyalty and gratitude for all they have been doing for me.
thanks again!!

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