Sigils power?

Are sigils just psyhological (primarily) or do sigils have power beyond self change.
I am thinking of the Lovers card in Tarot. We have a man (conciousness) looking to a woman (subconciousness) who is staring up to the Divine (I guess . . .super consciousness).

When I create a sigil am I just doing so powerful psycholgical work, or is my subconcious changed and that subconcious then tells the universe I would like it to show me a little more love. love in the form of giving me whatever I sigiled for? So maybe it is a road opener type thing.

What sort of things can I expect to achieve. I mean, if it is a 1 ton truck you don’t put 5 tons of steel on it you cannot really expect the springs, tires and everything else wont fail.

All my sigils are done on magic squares/kamea of corresponding planets to the intention. Planets, not the angel or spirit specifically, the whole planet. Unless the kamea online are to an angel and just say Sun or Moon or whatever.

Thank you for considering this question

If you are talking about Spare-style sigils, they can be used to achieve pretty much anything you can think of. They work for both inner and outer changes.

In the Chaos paradigm where the art of sigils originates, it is believed the subconscious mind is responsible for all magical effects, and there really is no limit to the subconscious mind, as it is our connection to the universe.


It is Spare type stuff.
so i think I am on the right track. One thing is for sure, I am kind of enjoying it. I know enough now to sort of change the recipe a little and make it more meaningful to me.

which brings me to this. I have some Divine Names in an invocation that I may use to help with activation/charging but I am unclear of all the pronounciations. Google queries are not helping.
any resources for where I can go to find out how to pronounce all these names? I would like to at least try and get the right. I think they are Greek, old Greek, Koine Greek stuff.

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I’m not too sure on that. @anon84423462 might have some ideas on resources, as I know he found pronunciations for the Greek words of power in the Bornless Rite.