Sigils open when there not supposed to be?

So I went to do a little evocation and I started sifting through them to get the ones I wanted and three of them were already flashing lightly. I thought I was seeing shit so i wiped my eyes and same thing. then I put them right up to my face to make sure there was wasn’t a weird smudge around the lines and nope it was i moved them a foot away from my face again and still flashing. I decided to just go with it and give it a shot with all three and definitively felt energy

. Idk why but lucifers sigil was flashing like crazy without even having to do anything. I just made the evocation short and sweet. I cant communicate other than asking a yes or no type of question and sometimes feeling pressure somewhere on my body like being poked or rubbed(hard to describe).and I cant see them yet. Im new to this so I know more and better things will come with time. My main question is has the sigil flashing every happened to any of you without first reopening a sigil you already used?

If you aren’t using them, store them away or dispose of them.

Ya I put them away in a binder until I use them. I pulled them out and they were like that.

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Then look up E A Koetting’s video on sigils and their disposal.

ok thanks

If you are going to store and reuse a sigil then wrap it up in metal foil.

If you want to dispose of it burry or burn it.

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And deactivate it on forehand otherwise you may offend. In your mind or say this: ‘this sigil is void/nullified, its energies are dissipated’. And imagine yourself disposing the Sigil. Then burn it.

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