Sigils of the Qlippoths

Hey there.I’ve been reading a book about the.quaballah which contains sigils for each qlippoth.Has anyone ever [email protected] with these?And what might happen if you open these?I’ve been wanting to traverse the tree of death but don’t know where to start being I haven’t learned to astral travel.By the way the book is called The Qlippoth and Goetic Majick by Thomas Karlson.

Start with The Qliphoth Lilith and work your way up, Gamliel will be next, there is a diagram in the book that shows the order of the Qliphoth follow it. Karlsson only leads the reader up to Thagirion (Tipareth) he says from there one needs a mentor to help guide them. Each sigil for the Qliphoth has a mantra, their magical and alchemical use or significance given. With a little imagination you should be able to begin working through them.

If you want to work further than that I’d recommend looking into his order Dragon Rouge so that you’d be progressing hrough a system your already familiar with.

Thanks for the tips TWF.But how do I begin traversing the trees?I can’t evoke or soul travel yet,but I do get flashes from my sigils they just don’t become 3D.

Prepatory immersion, delve into all the details you can about the particular Qliphoth you want to work with. Chant the mantra while opening the sigil. Meditate while visualizing the sigil. Work with the sigil of that Qliphotic ruler, understand the magickal and alchemical associations and how they apply to the nature of that particular sphere.

This is my usual manner of working, I usually get visual cues during the meditations and will often have certain urges or sensations run through me, this is where I begin and depending on what happens dictates my next steps.

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If you can’t evoke or soul travel yet then I would strongly suggest learning these skills first. You have to crawl before you can walk, and it seems you want to skip the walk and start sprinting. Evoke the ruler of each realm and ask for guidence through that realm, open the sigil of the realm and then soul travel there. You can work with both sides of the tree and the paths in the same manner. But without basic skills you are selling yourself short.

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Beleive me I’ve tried to evoke and soul travel but Ikeep hitting road blocks.With evocation I have problems with opening sigils.They flash yellow but no lines disapear.And with soul travel right when I feel myself leaving the body it feels like something is pulling me back.I start to get butterflies when Ithink it’s gonna happen and get excited which is probably what’s stopping me.

With evocation you need to work on getting in the needed mental state, if you are having trouble with sigils then you altered state needs to be deeper. With soul travel you need to learn to relax deeply and stay relaxed or you won’t be able to get the separation.

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I’d suggest some energy work as well. Robert Bruce wrote a good book on the subject.

When I try to get into the tg sync I see the static,and hear the voices.Sometimes the say my thoughts or call my name,so Ithen gaze into the sigil and all it does is flash yellow.Does anyone know what this could mean?

Sounds like you’re on the right track, keep working at it, add some scrying into your practice as well. Flashing yellow could just mean your “visual” perception is a tad different; sounds like your “hearing” is more pronounced.

So do you think the yellow flashes is my perception of opening a sigil?

I haven’t had yellow myself, but it could be seeing as you are getting other some
of the other signs. I’d still try going into a deeper state if you could, to see if you can see it disappear and reappear off the paper; take your time with it and loose yourself into the sigil: don’t try and force it. I’d still practice some energy work too, when a sigil opens you can feel it, energy work will help you sense that.

Where can I learn about energy work?When Imeditate I ferl extreme amounts of energy moving through me.

empyrean93 This sounds like an interesting concept.I’ve been trying to design inverted versions of holy rituals.If you try give some feedback on your results.

That’s an interesting theory Empyrean. I look at the dark tree differently, if you were to reverse the tree or turn it upside down with Lilith being the top qlipha and Thaumiel is the bottom. This goes in line with your view as one working with the sephrioth are seeking union through Kether and those working towards Thaumiel as working toward godhood which is the anti transmigration your speaking about.

With the Qlippoth, I would recommend starting with the lowest sphere and working your way up to Thaumiel if you are using evocation and soul travel. The energies at the higher realms can be a bit over powering unless you build up to it in the lower realms and paths.

I work with the Qlippoth the same way I work with the Tree of Life and its paths. I don’t view it so much as the Qlippoth laying below the other Tree and upside down. More as the Qlippothic Tree laying behind. The Tree of Life containing the gist/main knowledge and power while the Qlippothic counterpart holds the deep/true core of each sphere where true learning and evolution take place. Just my take from my own workings though. Others may see it different. When you work with the Qlippoth it works with you in return on a personal and intimate level, hence the warnings. The entities there will know your strengths and bring you weakness’ to light to test you. It’s all about the power of true will, and in some realms, physical/mental endurance.