Sigils of demons

Hi! When evoking a demon, is it better to print the sigil or draw it yourself? If you can’t draw it very, like perfect, well can it affect the spell or summoning him?
If you get a closer connection with a demon, can a tatoo of his sigil be a nice offering?
Thank you

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Drawing it yourself may be slightly better by a negligible amount, as you’re connecting with the sigil as you make it. And no as long as the sigil is basically right, it’s fine. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just put the squiggles and circles in the right place.

I would highly recommend against tattooing a sigil when you’re new. Anyone who is new to magic or religions can get quickly swept up and carried away. Best not consider getting a tattoo until you’re more experienced. As you work on this path you tend to work with new demons that can help you with different parts of your journey.


Hey there @Manta Please try using the search function. This question is a very common one, and has been asking a million and one times already. The answer is easy to find.

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