Sigils of 72 demon on pins or cards

what do you guys think? i’ve seen some cool pins or cards that have sigils of the 72 demons. I think they look cool. I might want to get some for demons that have powers to my goals such as bune for finance or asmodeus for attracting friends/soulmates. Can spells be cast using them cards or pins with sigils on the go?

Or use it as a charm and maybe demon get better results as the charm can be seen as respect to the demon?


they look like this

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Sure. They look groovy! Would you want them from a collecting stand point or to have them around as like portable Sigils?

not collecting . i’m practical guy. i have to find out which powers demons have and pick and choose. I"m sure some demon require frequent usage and would be nice to have. Like the cards can be use as altar or when casting spells. Them much nicer than sigil on paper. I’m sure i’m get bune as he’s the only one that seems to work with financial riches and we do live in material world that revolve around it. the other demons i have to find on attracting soulmate/genuine female friends/ good people networking etc… I don’t want all the demons. some of them have powers i’m not interested in.

Sigils to apply as carrying around paper book sigil is not portable. Maybe use bune sigil at casino to hit jackpot with lucky spells? or sitri card on back my phone case to charge it up attracting lovely ladies? … =o)

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gonna get this one for love /relationshio on etsy. has 4 sigils all in one to make it portable. they got ring version and necklace version too. this pin one looks more cooler without hole for string

there’s another one for wealth too.

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no ring for these sigils however rings for other sigils. should take couple weeks to get to me . Just now gotta learn how to cast spells on the go since i’m new to all this. haha.
They look pretty cool huh?