Sigils moving when activated?

Last night I tried to Evoke the Demon Amon and I believe it worked when the sigil started to move. It moved very suddenly upright and then back into place. It sent a shiver of shock through me and made me nervous quite a bit because it was incredibly unexpected as this is my first time trying to evoke / obtain audience. It was an incredibly interesting experience.

Is this common? Do sigils normally open this way or can it be anyway at all? What are your experiences? Thank you !


It means it’s working :+1:t2:

While dabbling with sigils I’ve had the following happen to me:

  • The sigil would disappear and then reappear
  • The sigil would flash in front of my eyes
  • The symbol would acquire a 3D shape
  • The sigil would emit a white fog that would block my vision

So far a moving sigil isn’t something I’ve seen before and I find it really interesting. Thanks for sharing.


I actually have the sigil split into two different sigils then go back to one anyone have this happen to them

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Theres an octarine color that starts to look like a tunnel opening up and moving towards the sigil. The paper becomes a subtle morphing color instead of white. Dunno if its retinal burn or not though.

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My experiences with sigils has always been the sigil appearing highlighted around the edges like you’ve gone around it with a highlighter pen, the feeling my eyes are gently shaking, and my vision going slightly blurry, more like someone’s blew smoke in my face.

Good signs :+1:

I’m getting these same things and was just going to ask if I Successfully opened the sigil or not.
The sigil moves to in s flowing movement and I get a feeling in my head

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I was in alpha state, and was holding King Belials sigil I drew, in both hands, it looked as if the paper was hovering above my open palms, and could no longer feel it in my hands.

Me too

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Though I must have offended The great King, I did not feel his presence, I had made my request, thanked him, and told him he is always welcome.

Yup, it happens

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