Sigils in flag form

Ok, So i am just starting to look into Invocation and Evocation. I have yet to attempt any of this as i am still prepping my space for this. I am putting a floor in my attic so i can always have a place to do my work uneffected. So my real question is if i can use Flags with demons sigils on them for invocation/Evocation. My thoughts are that as i work with new spirits and empower their sigils inside of these flags i could hang said flag from my attic ceiling and potentional continue to use their sigil from the ceiling when i do more invocatio/evocations. or would i have to take them down every time and have them on the ground in front of me?

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This is really up to you. As a beginner in evocation/invocation you will need more time to actually charge and open a demon’s sigil. I personally love the flag idea, but I am not sure concerning its practical aspect. Since you need to actually gaze at the sigil, wouldn’t it be a pain in the neck to either look up or take them down every time you want to contact a spirit?

Of course this would work if you did an evocation laying on the bed with no problem :slight_smile:. Then again will that be a comfortable position for you?

Everything aside, the flags will work, so don’t worry.


Yes, you can.

A lot of demonolators and Satanists do that, with the seals of their patron deities, and hang them in their Temples.

However, what I would recommend is drawing a seal on paper first, learning to open it properly, and then drawing the seal on a flag or banner. Once a seal is opened, its power will spread into your life, so I would choose carefully the seals you choose to put on the flags (it’s the reason why seals are burned after results are received generally).

This kind of thing is usually done with the seals of patron demons and deities, because the worshipper wants a constant flow of their energies in their life. In the book of Azazel, EA provides gates for each of the Houses under Azazel to be drawn on the walls of the Temple, so it is saturated in their energies, making it easier for the demons to manifest.

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Oh man that makes a lot of sense. Ty for pointing that out!