Sigils for planchette

I am just finishing my plachette, going to use the Connolly recommendations for it but I have 2 questions, one kinda lame, the other I hope not.

Do I really need a lens for the occulus- if so, plastic or glass ?

I plan to put “Belial and My” sigil on it [In my Blood during my “Envokation with Belial”, does anyone have any sigils and or Entities they would recommend ?

Also, if anyone has any 'workings for it which they believe would be benifical I would like to know.


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Yay for weirdness.
My wife just got her hands on an old Ouija board from 1944 and people have been randomly bringing it up lately.

She had just explained that lots of people use a nail in the middle of the occulus. Ideally a coffin nail to match the coffin wood used to make the board (supposedly😀). Ours is plastic, but I was imagining a design for a planchette with spokes instead of a lens.

I’d make the planchette represent my self in some way. Maybe use a sigil that will help other entities find your energy.