Sigils & Fascination

Do you ever have sigils you kind of can’t take your eyes away from?

I only have two - this sigil Ba’el gave me:

Along with any and all representations of him, which I could see, then want to look at again, and quite easily gaze at half of forever

And now, the triangular sigil DouglasJamesCameronFuego sent me to upload for the forum, of Lilith:

I don’t usually feel destabilised by spirits or sigils, and this doesn’t feel like a bad thing, but part of me just wants to gaze… and gaze… like all truth and beauty resides within them. Or something.

So, wondered if other people have this with any specific sigils? :slight_smile:

That first one creates the same kind of fascination MC Escher’s art

I ve experienced the same feelings. I had this kind of feeling for many sigils but these two stand out the most.