I’ve only recently been adding a new element to my ritual, hiding the sigil of the spirit i called, so that I won’t come across it, and trying to forget about the ritual.
Kind of hard to “forget” the ritual when I’m getting results the next day!
Now I wonder, is it even better to burn the sigil after desired results are achieved? To dramatically end the ritual I suppose. this I havnt done yet but Im considering it.
My questions to you, is there a significance to where and how ritual items are concealed? Or does simply concealing do the the trick?

I don’t know about there being any significance to where you place your sigils.
Some people bury their sigils and other ritual implements depending on the ritual itself.

I myself usually just put the sigil somewhere I won’t see it.

But it is indeed important to burn the sigil after you’ve achieved your goal unless you’re doing aplong term working with the spirit like a pact.
The sigils once opened with a desire in mind act as a gateway for that spirit to do their work IME.

Once the desired result is achieved then you have an open gateway laying around only the spirit has no direction from you.

Burn the sigil while giving offerings of thanks to the spirit and declare that your work with them is done.