Sigils burning as an offering

Has this worked for anyone?

Digits as in fingers or numbers?

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Damn autocorrect! Sigils

Typed it correctly.

Now back to the question yes you can burn sigils and grimoires to activate a wish. Or you can guard them and build a relationship. There are guys who buy 2 similar grimoires and burn one of them evoking the Demon behind it asking him to empower his magic


I have sigils that are permanent and those that are on thick card stock paper. The permeant are for building relationships. The paper ones I often fill with energy, and smear with essential oils a spirit may like. I then open it, tell them I offer it to them and burn it afterward. They seem to like it. The ashes are then mixed with water and either poured out over the natural earth (Not concrete or asphalt) or I drink them. I have no idea why they asked I drink them, but it’s unbleached paper and it was a food grade oil, so no harm to me.

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