Sigils and Demons

Hey everyone it’s been a really long while since I came on. Anyways I have a question about not just sigils but my third eye.
Ever since I forget when… something happened I think, I went through a personality change somewhat and have gotten really negative moods (worse than usual since I have depression) and since then for the first time ever I’ve been seeing flickers around my room as if there’s a spirit there and sometimes I feel it. Since that time I jjdt recently drew the sigils of malphas, astaroth, Lucifer, and Lilith and I’m seeing even more flickers now. I don’t really feel the change of energy but I’m either seeing things far more than often or has my third eye started opening up enough for me to start seeing spirits?

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Please help me with this

My first two questions would have to be

  1. Did you have a solid purpose behind evoking these entites
  2. Did you close the sigils after? Aka destory/burn ect.

If the answer is no your personality changes could be a result of lingering energies from the open sigils. Once opened they become portals for entites and energy that STAY OPEN untill blocked or closed.

No I intentionally left them open because I wished for their energy to influence me. The personality changes have been occuring far before I opened the sigils.

Well then best option would be trace back to when you started noticing the Changes and analyze the possible causes. Then figure out what changes you want to take place and go from there in figuring the magick and actions ya need to make those changes. It may be more related to conscious and subconscious reactions to events or practices than a reaction on a specific energy center.

Least that is my advise based on info provided.

Ah I understand thanks