Sigils and a pendulum

Out of curiosity I had an idea what would be the purpose of using a pendulum over a sigil?


TO ask questions toward that specific demon sigil.

It might be a sigil he created and not one for a spirit. robofish sigils.

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depends on the type of sigil as not all sigils are tied to an entity, but the general consensus is to have the entity answer yes or no questions.

I use my pendulum over angel sigils to ask If am receiving my meditation in a correct way.
so my pendulum usually turns like crazy to Show me that I am doing it right.

you can light a candle, create siğil and focus on it and ask your pendulum that if your siğil is accurate.

try to communicate with your pendulum Daily . that will increase your relationship with it
and when you have great energy with your pendulum
it will give you right answers.

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