Sigil Skrying the Goetia - Vassago

Once again i’m back with another installment of my Goetic adventures through Sigil Skrying. Recently I’ve been reading quite often many web articles about the dangers of working with the Goetia in any capacity whatsoever. This was my initial thought and feeling for well over some 15 plus years of working ritual magick. My fear stemmed from lack of knowledge and experience, not to mention a workable system I could call my own.

Many proponents who believe that “ye shall go mad or perhaps even blind” from just thinking about a Goetic evocation made me shun away from ever touching the system. Other words they throw at us is “dangerous” and “do not”. I have never understood why these practitioners continue and continue to propagate more and more fear into the hearts of the magicians world-wide. When I began to do my due diligence on the web prior to any evocation in order to find any possible information from a magician who has worked with so and so spirit I continue to find more rubbish out in the astral “web” than anywhere else.

One such site is The pundits at this site continue to mashup any kind of “alternative thought” into the matter concerning a possible better system in evocation than simply relying on the printed words and dulled imagery from the Goetia.

One of the “moderators” at this site has enough posts discouraging anyone about contacting any said Goetic entity other than through “normal means”. I completely whole-heartedly believe in keeping with traditional ways of magick, but this is taking things way of the charts.

[b]"…"Theirseals are not at all what people might call magical links.
They are subject to their seals and they yield obedience to the operator who wears them. They must do so upon arrival and upon sight of the seal. I strongly dioscourage any prayer to the spirit unless the practicioner is in fact a knowing demonolater and so chooses to worship.

“If you do not worship demons, do not, in any way, shape or form, try to contact them mentally, astrally or by any other way than stated in the grimoire. The only use of the seal is to be worn upon the chest, reverse to the pentagonal figure.”.[/b]

After that comment the original poster leaves a “sorry message” to the moderator. It pisses me off to no end.

Not just that site but other “reputable” sites and blogs that continue to bring the myths and fears to the magician. Since when did these practitioners become our gods?.

There are emphatically no authorities on Magick

That being said, I have come to the conclusion that if you really want the truth, just expand a bit on the whitewash answers and half truths out there. Or better yet, just ask the entities themselves.

And so my journey continues…

My first experience with any Goetic “demon” was back in 1989 with Vassago. Me and my best friend decided to invoke Vassago “by name” alone for the purpose of divining our fates through a tarot reading. My friend was already well versed and knowledgeable in the Goetia. His stern face looked at me as he spoke over and over the spirits name, almost as if he was fearing some shadow that lurked somewhere nearby.

We spread our cards and read them. This was the very first time in my life where a tarot reading actually gave not only answers but “definitive” clues without ambiguity. I was left speechless. Needless to say, within a few weeks that which was prophetic came to pass in glorious Technicolor. That was my first brush with the Goetia,…and Vassago.

My aim for this “discourse” with Vassago would be about three things

1.) bestowing me the virtues of divination
2.) Consecration of my favorite two Tarot decks (ceremonial magician deck and the HR Giger deck)
3.) showing me my most immediate future

The same setup was used this time as for seere, the exception was the additional deck of cards.

Performed my opening of the third eye through theta-Gamma sync as per EA’s newsletter(why didn’t I have this back then…)

I saw myself mentally enveloped within an electric white cloud of various charged particles swirling around me. My breathing was slow and deep. I opened my eyes and began to skry the sigil as shown above. Within about one and a half minutes the sigil began to appear/disappear in certain areas and then it became alive and charged. I called out to Vassago vocally,calling his name like a mantra. A loop holding the power that would come near to me. Quiet but firm.

The presence was very much felt this time., more so than seere. I knew he/it was near me.

“Prince Vassago, would you send me an image of yourself to my mind”

The image that came was not what i expected. I thought perhaps he would show up as a dragon or ghostly figure, or even an alien(yes,some out there have witnessed him as such) as most books and web articles mentioned. No, instead he appeared as a very fat man whose small fat body was supporting his enormous fat head. He came from what i would call a thick white substance not as a cloud but milk white. His skin was ivory white but his features were human. Think buddha meets your uncle frank.

With a smile on his face I felt as though he was rather pleased that i called out to him.

“would you be able to provide me with another sigil so that i may contact you in the future”

He responded by saying “and why would you need to do that”

Be prepared to be tested in some big or small way…

I was left a bit surprised by his answer. " I have other questions that need answers from you but I prefer to ask within a formal evocation rite"

Then i saw flashing lights transform into a simple geometric pattern.

(NOTE: so far most of the sigils that i have received are nothing as found in typical grimoires. They consists of just geometric shapes placed in an ornate pattern)

“It is written that you hold sway over the dominion of prophecy. would you be able to bestow those traits unto me?.”

He then moved his arms towards me and immediately I sensed that my body was being distilled and heated. My body was covered in an ectoplasmic green goo of some sort, similar to the birth of a child. I sensed something was forever changing within me.

“Would you be able to consecrate my cards with your influence?”

I felt like a channeling energy came about me. With my eyes closed I stretched out my hands over both decks. A light came forth from my body and unto my decks.

“What will be my most immediate future”

Here he began to speak like an instructor at a philosophy 101 undergrad class…

" This will depend on many factors. Listen to yourself, your dreams are gateways through which you will open the doors to your true divine self. Open the flames of desire and upon your world there will be much good"

I have heard that spirits at times may discuss or answer in some form of code or riddle. From there he impressed upon me a possible future.

I also asked him for a special tarot spread which he provided.

It appears that his number is 6 or combinations thereof…

I immediately performed a simple three card spread to see what effect if any he had on me. Once again to my surprise, Each card appeared to actually “speak” within my mind the answer it was transmitting to me. The answers came as one or two sentences with very little ambiguity.

Below is my rendition to the best of my abilities of Vassago as he appeared to my mind in this session using pencil/ink/and oil pastels through Corel painter 12. I remained in the rapture to capture his essence through my wacom tablet. Then enhanced through Photoshop plugins(Topaz Detail).

My apology for the long post but I had much to say. This one is dedicated to EA and Tim for “unclogging” my potential and opening up the doorway to new worlds.


That is pretty awesome! Thanks for posting this! Very informative and inspiring!

May Iask, S.V.E, what method you used to enter the Theta/Gamma sync? You mentioned something by EA in a newsletter…? I am looking to improve my abilty to enter the sync and any advice would be welcome.

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Yes, I stumbled upon it by pure accident but its not a Theta-Gamma sync exercise. My apologies I should have been more clear.

What I was referring to is the article on the BALG webpage for opening the Third-Eye. That tiny little article alone is /was for me the catalyst bringing alive my experiments. The link is below.

Its not in the newsletter archive nor is it a theta-gamma sync exorcise either but a technique for opening the Third Eye. That article alone helps me out tremendously. The other is in “Evoking Eternity” in the chapters concerning “Elementary Principles of Evocation” , “Elementary work”, and finally the “Invocation of Omnipotence”. The last one very crucial. and yes, I do stare at the ceiling where the walls meet to further enter the Theta-Gamma.

I took the book and read it once over then read carefully the table of contents to understand what I was reading. Finally I picked up some index cards and, instead of highlighting the pages with a highlighter (in which case if I desecrated the book Azazel might have turned me into a Toad at this stage)I wrote out the key points that for me were important and crucial. Then I studied each card carefully. It makes more sense to deconstruct a new paradigm that you are learning to make it easier for you.

As a side note, Last night after the rite I had the most vivid dream of being an “observer” in a school of magick. The things I witnessed had nothing to do with harry potter but instead the people around me were hard at work with various magickal techniques and implementations. They were all gathering at a cemetary which I have never seen.

I really believe that the more I immerse myself into Sigil Skrying the closer I get to some realized truth I am after. Can you imagine when i finish EA’s coursework?.

I believe thats how I will work his Evocation course this coming week. Additionally, performing these “astral evocations” is prepping me for whats to come.

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You said that Vassago’s presence was stronger than Seere’s. I agree to this, I worked with Seere and his presence was faint at first. To feel him stronger you have to spend more time with him, call him often and, if you want, you can burn a few strands of your hair for him. This will strengthen the connection between you two, as he will receive your essence from the hair DNA.

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I completely forgot about that!

I did read somewhere about this, I think Franz Bardon spoke about the Fluid Condenser as a gateway to opening the paths for entities using a black Mirror.
Will try on my next attempt. Would the lock of hair work on any entity?..example Azazel?

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[quote=“S.V.E, post:5, topic:1414”]I completely forgot about that!

I did read somewhere about this, I think Franz Bardon spoke about the Fluid Condenser as a gateway to opening the paths for entities using a black Mirror.
Will try on my next attempt. Would the lock of hair work on any entity?..example Azazel?[/quote]

Of course. If the entity accepts it. But I see no reason as to why he wouldn’t.

Thanks for sharing your experiences working with the Goetia, S.V.E. They are well-written and very interesting.

Curious as to why you refer to this as ‘sigil scrying’ when it seems to me to be a full-blown evocation, astrally, anyway?

Hi Avernus and thank you for the compliment

You are correct in viewing what I do as an evocation of sorts, however, since my background is Golden dawn I am always viewing these practices within a subgroup of ritual physical practices.

As an example, My idea of evocation would be as outlined in EA’s Evoking Eternity, altar, candles,knife,cup, book etc…I view evocation as a physical manifestation before your very eyes. On the other hand, astral evocation is a type of “remote viewing” or “channeling” if you will. Bringing your mind and that of the spirits together in the astral.

When I perform an astral evocation I use a mirror but the mirror is only a stimulus tool to allow me to view “inside my mind” the entity. What is on the mirror is actually in the mind of the conjurer.

The idea of Sigil Skrying is, to me at least, a form of channeling and attempting to have a dialog with a spirit, complete with images of said spirit appearing in my mind. So under that context you are absolutely right, its an evocation.

Tomorrow I will be “evoking” Orobas and have an in depth interview with him concerning Magick, Familiars, origin of spirits, how to understand demons,what its like where he comes from,the nature of spirits, etc…I will be grilling him and will post as usual my experience and drawings. I believe I’m getting better at it as i keep doing it.

As a side note, I have noticed that once I am involved in the immersion process with an spirit I can already feel and see and even hear them in my mind. getting louder and closer speaking to me and knowing exactly what I want. Just a few hours ago I heard “Orobas” speaking in my mind letting me know he will comply with all my wishes. His voice is rather thin and jittery, like words breaking up by the end of a sentence. We shall see.

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It is really nice to read your writings S.V.E.

Thank you for taking the time to share and post this. It helps me be motivated and study and work even harder.

This is the first entity I used with sigil magik. I was quite concerned at first, but read what I could about him and got the feeling that it would be safe. I too was hesitant about all the fear mongering. However for being completely new it was a great success, my scrying was catapulted, That night I had insane revealing dreams, and telepathic communication of words from an ancient language which in the following months I deciphered that I most certainly could not of made up, I dont speak Aramaic. The only problem I have with any of this is being supper receptive and just getting a sensory overload that is hard to keep a grip on, it always seems like way to much way to fast, and it will set me back with having to take a huge break in order to not feel like I’m going a little crazy.

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