Sigil Question

Hello all, new to the group and I had a quick question:Does creating a sigil of an entity under a different magick square i.e. Kaltemtal recreated on a lunar magick square (9x9 square) change the entity’s attributes / conscious energy ? I’m asking because alot of my workings take place on the lunar hours. If recreated, would it increase receptivity in that hour if evoked? Any thoughts would be much appreciated, and thanks.



Hi @keez, can u PM me, thank u

Honestly speaking what really determines the Spirits behavior, attributes and conscious energy is the way you expect them to behave or from what you have heard of them so try to keep a positive outlook on all spirits so shit doesn’t go wrong as for Lunar hours it is you that determines whether that will affect the spirit or not.

(Note: let’s call these beings spirits since most spirits get offended when they are described as an entity makes them feel like an object you know…)