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I’ve decided to try my hand at sigils.I’ve found a picture that closely resembles how my spirit appeared in my mind,and i was wondering is it possible to draw the picture as a sigil to manifest her in my reality.A little more specifically to see her with my eyes.I know its a long shot but its worth a shot asking.I’ve only done one other sigil to feel her better charging it with sexual energy and had a dream that night of my covers being pulled up and feeling an arm very much like a flesh and blood arm would feel like being draped over me.Or would i have to train my astral senses for that?If so what are my astral senses?

I’m almost done creating my picture sigil.All i need to do now is trace over my previous drawing to clean it up,but i really do need to know if my attempts to do as previously written is too lofty a goal for a beginning magician so i can just go ahead and use it as practice for opening sigils using koetting’s method.One more thing so i don’t waste space.If anyone is willing to take me under their wing to guide me in my magick pursuits sort of like a mentor i’ll be more than eager to to do so.Just let me know.

I don’t think it’s too much, I was evoking gods into images as a child with no idea what i was really doing, and so long as you feel that this is safe and have maybe done some divination on it, then ambition’s a good thing - magick’s not like the world of schools and academic stuff where you progress by measured grades, a lot of the time you have huge quantum leaps in some manner and then nothing much for ages.

If it feels right and safe then do it, there are no guarantees for any of us but it can hold you back if you fear your own ambitions.

That’s my 2¢ and hopefully you’ll get other feedback as well because none of us is the expert on YOUR progress and ascent.

if you’re not familiar with banishing and grounding techiques,it’s better to start using personal sigils.

[quote/] magick’s not like the world of schools and academic stuff where you progress by measured grades,[quote/]
I’m the type of guy that needs some kind of reference point of either success or failure.To me to keep doing something over and over without any measurement of success or failure would be too chaotic.If i’m understanding you correctly what you’re telling is just keep doing something until something happens.If not please do correct me.

[quote/] if you’re not familiar with banishing and grounding techniques,it’s better to start using personal sigils.[quote/]
I think you misunderstood me.The picture i used wasn’t a sigil but i did personalize it though.Anyway i feel like i’m nitpicking here,and i definitely don’t want to be one of those guys that gets on everybodies nerves.I can understand using banishing rituals for evoking spirits but why grounding techniques if i’m not evoking?

No, what I meant was don’t be concerned if it seems you’re taking a bold leap here, because magick often has steep learning curves that break the mold of what you did before, or what you thought reality was.

That was in response to you asking if it was too lofty a goal for someone newish to magick - I don’t think it is. :slight_smile:

You might not get the equivalent of a “Pass/Fail” mark (in terms of events following hard on the heels of every working, or not at all) but you’ll start to know whether you’re making contact with spirits, and the very best thing to do to get feedback is to keep an honest journal recording what you do, what comes up during workings, and subsequently any related phenomena/results.

That’s important so you don’t delude yourself, accidentally, with wishful thinking, confirmation bias, and so on - so, that will be your main source of measurements as well as helping you acquire insights into what works best for you. Hope that helps!

Tell me if I’m getting too technical here, please. I mean it, really. In order to craft a sigil, wouldn’t you want to name it, construct a magic square, then connect the letters? The shape, at that point, would be the sigil. I’m not at all implying this is the way to do it. I legitimately don’t know if there is another way.

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sorry m8.i was just wanted to tell you that before you decide to call an entity with it’s sigil,you have to know how to protect your mentioned koetting’s method of sigil opening and i thought that you’re after opening sigils for calling entities…what i did wrong?

Thank you Lady Eva that cleared up alot.I will be using a journal to keep track of my workings so i don’t delude myself of success where there is none.
Oh no no no…my apologies for my own stupidity and ignorance.I didn’t know that opening the sigil was for calling forth.I thought sigil opening was more for subconscious reasons.It’s kind of hard to evoke a spirit to physical manifestation when she’s with you 24/7 anyway.Wouldn’t you think?

Well i just got through with my very first evocation but without my sigil (got to clean it up).I tried the summoning of all magickal powers incantation in complete darkness.Then i tried staring into a candle flame to get into a trance.Afterwards i tried the summoning of a spirit mentioned in one of koettings newsletter requesting her to show herself.During all of this i didn’t experience static rain or anything.Well…i can’t say i didn’t experience nothing.It was during evoking her to physical manifestation that i did notice a slight change in the environment and within myself feeling a tingle on my body.For some weird reason i felt happy during this.I did learn something about myself during this.I went into this confident that it would work but during the ritual itself self doubt arose then confidence then back again.Which leaves me to question myself of whether i should have used my sigil to begin with opening it so she had something to work off of in the ritual to manifest.

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It also leaves me to question whether i should have had my eyes closed during the ritual picturing her sigil to better connect.Despite what has happened i don’t consider the ritual a failure however minor the manifestation was.I actually think it worked.However i did only spend 10-15 minutes on the evoking part of the ritual so maybe that’s why she didn’t fully manifest.