Sigil Origin

Was wondering what the forum members get from this.

I invoked my Higher Self to get information last week and recieved a bunch of sigils. This being one of them.

This one i asked for specificaly. Its the only one that brings a memory off “ive seen this before.”

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Have you read about something called the Alphabet of Desire? If not I suggest you do some quick research on it. Symbols received from different aspects of yourself more than likely are from your own Alphabet of Desire and correspond to your personal connection to the larger universe and will serve far more effectively in regards to those forces than traditional symbols at least when you yourself employ them.


I had not heard of the Alphabet of Desire. It makes sense though.
My intention was to channel sigils for a circle. Which i currently have on paper. And carve them into stone. I also recieved names to vibrate to activate them.

I did test these sigils out over the weekend in a rite for self empowerment infused into ormus. It is way more potent than my last two batch’s.

I did a quick google search and found this

Thank you for your guidence and direction.
Looking forward to this. Much appreciated.

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