Sigil or symbol or something else? Haallllppp meee

No he was into asatru so I thought maybe it was related to the norse pantheons.

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He used to do tattoos and he only has a few of his own. All very personal and symbolic. So i don’t think he would just slap one on cause it looked cool.

The way you slowly reveal stuff about your friend makes this mistery more interesting in a literary way, and I’m currently idle as fuck, so this is my new afternoon soap opera

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Yeah the original is ugly as fudge for damn sure. I’m pretty sure he isn’t into the shriner’s. He isnt against them just not his thing. He is also pretty lhp and I dont think he even realizes it lol. I thought it might have to do with heraldry and coat of arms maybe. As both the crescent and sword have some deep meaning to them, especially when combined.

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Enjoy the show lmao. I’m intrested in where this is going as well :joy:

I think that maybe you are playing with us like the DM of a tabletop role game :thinking:

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Well i am not. It would be a lot more adventurous and action packed if I were. And there would be half naked dragon riders and female berserkers too boot…

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Maybe his tattoo is some generic pagan thing. Pagans nowaday like the moon and little knives a lot.

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Could very well be. I’m too stubborn to go with that just yet though…it has to have deeper meaning, I seriously hate the taste of crow so it HAS TO😭

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For pagans those things have a deep meaning :smiley:

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Norse pagan, moon and sword? In Norse mythology the moon is male, and called Mani.

Mani is primarily the keeper of time, but also a protector of children. And that could be a sensitive subject so I could guess at why he’d want to keep that private.

Maybe I’m adding 2 and 2 and making 5, but I think maybe his privacy should be respected. He’s set a boundary and it’s not really cool to ignore boundaries.



I googled and this came up
Its related to a muslim thing

Now that you mention it, I always refrain from getting occult tattoos because I know people will be asking stuff and the explanations are really long -_-

All my tattoos are occult but I designed them myself, so they don’t look it (to the “uninitiated”) and have mundane explanations that are short.

  • It’s the cover of a book by Brian Lumley, looks kinda metal :metal:
  • It’s a pile of 13 demon skulls each with the name of an infernal king, and me on top with a gateway directly to that one’s dominion, and yes it’s open … deep breath to explain all that :joy:

Absolutely correct on yhe respect issue. And I do respect his privacy very much. He said he wouldn’t tell me, he said I could find out on my own. Hence why I’m inquiring on here. And yes there is a bit of my ego involved because he doesnt think I’ll be able to figure it out.

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This makes a lot of sense with his history and backstory. I’ll have to ask him about mani and see if says anything in reagrds to him.

He is playing coy with me. He does that a lot. Mostly to make me research things on my own.

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Magic has many dimensions, the moon is an ancient magical and occult symbol. The crescent moon or waning moon is about letting go of what no longer serves you, cleansing, break free of bad habits.

There is tremendous power in harnessing the energy of the moon. IMHO the phases of the moon are a path to manifestation and increase any ritual as a symbol to move your intentions forward.

Overtime, when you commit to learning how to manifest with the moon, in all phases you are in sync with your rituals and environment and would be a powerful symbol or sigil for your magic depending on what your intentions are or what you want to create with your will as a sorcerer.

Many occult groups of all dimensions have used the moon as a symbol of their power, which have nothing to do with nations of the Middle East or the Shriners.

I have Incorporated the moon in many sigils I have created depending on my intentions with chaos magic to enhance my focus and intent.

The sword is a symbol of power and strength to empower your sigil and show your strong will and determination.



Thank you for the response @lawclerk I appreciate the breakdown! I’ll have to do some research but ultimately I feel a tad bit guilty for being nosy even though he told me to figure it out on my own. So as has been mentioned by both @Maulbeere and @MagusOfGamaliel I do need to be considerate of his privacy and respect his boundaries regardless of our friendship and relationship status.

The info in your post though is pure gold So thank you for the info!!! the extras will serve me well in my own workings and practice :hugs:

and Thank you @Maulbeere for the gentle reminder to be respectful of my friends boundaries. I forget that at times, unfortunately, mostly with him.

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Your welcome, good luck in making and creating your personal magical symbols and sigils for your own use adding power to your rituals.

The important part is that you feel that the symbols or words have power to you.

Sigils that function as talismans and engravings on amulets and on the body itself are used to protect and defend an area or yourself or to bring positivity and/or negative effects in a particular area.

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