Sigil Opening

I’ll be quick and short about this topic because i’m not capable to type english properly.

the first time it took me 2 hours to open a sigil i can do it in 2 seconds.the first time the energies i felt, blew me away…it was very hard and to strong for me to handle.i thought i was going to pass after many times of sigil opening,i can handle these energies but not so well.but i’m on a good way.

this energetic impact is something that bothers me.i’m not sure if is the spirit or some kind of parasite…i never saw anyone else complaining about energetic problems with sigil magic…what’s going on with me?

Ive been having strange things happen when I do things too. like the feeling of my veins being ripped from my heart, or a feeling of being drugged. usually un pleasant. I wonder if maybe we are doing it wrong. at least my desired outcomes usually happen. I hope yours do too.

I think the feelings you are having aren’t a matter of doing it incorrectly, but you are feeling the currents of energy from the spirits you are working with. At times, depending on the spirit, these can be very palpable and heavy, especially demonic energy. I often feel the weight on my solar plexus. Just bare with it, don’t fight it, but feel the empowerment of it and realize it’s your body getting accustomed to the sheer force of these beings.

That makes a lot of since… And it does happen when I do more advanced stuff with a demonic entity or a cruel curse. Thanx for that response gave me the warm and fuzzy that im not going so crazy and my workings are affective.

it makes me want to puke.and my legs shaking.i think the problem is in the stomach or something…

i have another is possible to atract parasites with sigil magic or not?

maybe where we feel these things has to do with whatever chakra is related to the particular working… idk but I think more then likely yes… to the parasite question

i read somewhere that the best way to avoid parasites is to open the sigil before the conjuration…true or false?

i found something that fits with what i wrote