Sigil ok

Is this sigil ok



The sigil is not bad but why PaHmon :slight_smile:

I started to like him the more I studied about him

Okay, but his name is PAIMON or PAYMON

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I think you think my upper case I is a h


It looks OK to me but I would use a compass to draw more perfect circles.

Why don’t you use these, i do every inverted pentagram, seal i come up with i use these, draws perfectly.

Just to be clear I mean No disrespect intended here freind- King Paimon is a King and any “offerings” or instruments for lack of better terms should be fitting of that of a king. If that is your best effort then I doubt anyone would negate your effort. However- again I mean no disrespect I get this vibe like a cliche " If you have to ask"… Again no disrespect but I get this vibe similar to a child instructed with a chore or task asking “is this good enough” when he knows he could do better. But if that is your best it’s perfect. However would you not find the lines on standard notebook paper a distraction. I personally would. Not saying everyone would. A while back I made a similar post where I wanted criticism and advice on my personal altar- you know so I could be “by the book” you know what I’ve learned, “FUCK THE BOOK!” THERE IS NO BOOK!" Intent, Will, and Belief is the only proverbial “book” you need. Wow I just ranted and said a mouthful. Unintentional spasm.


It will work. I am getting a sense that you are hesitant, though. Do you feel it is acceptable?


When I draw sigils, they’re never perfect, like you’d see in a book or something. I think drawing the sigil is a personal connection, and everyone is going to have a different stroke of the pen here or there. Looks ok to me, if it looks ok to you.

Your sigil is fine, man. I gazed at it and it started to open so it works :+1:


That’s sorta what I was trying to say. You summed it up much better

Lol, everybody busting out protractors, stencils and compasses, and I’m just here tracing my cereal bowls for my circles, lol


This is how a proper sigil should look. Made from wood and
Covered in 24 K gold leaf with perfect circles and a sigil drawn completely from memory. No peeking at McGregor’s translation. !

It’s all about presentation, having a good presentation not only makes you appreciate your art more but also gives you an extra psychological edge in your magick. One could cook a wonderful meal for someone but if it looks like shit and has no presentation your guest may think you didn’t care enough about them to prepare something one would see and want to eat.

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Looks like something I would draw. It serves it’s purpose.

Hey man I use a 5 lb Olympic barbell weight for inner seal and 10 lb weight for outter name. That’s as high tech as I get,

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