Sigil of Tiamat

i did a sigil for tiamat that i supposed to opened it days ago but i dont have the “balls” to open it nowadays, its ok to keep it or i should burn it or throw it to the trash can, i dont have plans to open it but i drawed the sigil on a useful folder, sorry i didnt have another place to draw the sigil! so what i should do, its ok to keep it or it may make me problems and should be burned or what?

Post the sigil

But exactly what was the cause of why you didn’t open it?

i drawed the sigil from V.K. Jehannum website

@Alex01 because i lost the interest the main reason

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I would burn the sigil if you are not going to use it, but that is just a personal thing. It’s not necessary.

If you haven’t opened it, then it is fine to store for future use.

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