Sigil of Scirlin


Does anyone know or have the sigil of the verum grimoire entity Scirlin ??

I did a search on google and forum and this only left me more confused


I evoked that entity before without sigil, call it by the name


tell me how it went? What did this entity tell you ??


It told me my mistakes and solutions, he will aslo provide guidence


I know a couple of magicians who work primarily out of the GV. The most prevalent theory is that Scirlin’s seal is the first figure in the grimoire. (They also swear by this method, though I’ve never tried it YMMV)

The seal will differ slightly with each person though. According to the grimoire, you have to write your own initials in the seal before contact with Scirlin is attempted.


thank you


you said what exactly is causing me doubt, and on this subject that I am interested in … I intend to try to discover this from my own experience


and what is the other theory?


Let us know how it goes. The GV has always been fascinating to me, as it can be considered the, “Granddaddy of Solomonic Grimoires”.


@Orismen do you know what meaning or what is used for these characters on the outside ??


I believe the English part is an old Latin for the directions. Orient = East, Occident = West, etc.

The rest can be found on tools, or seals of spirits in the GV I believe. Not all of the markings are, but a few look recognizable as seals, or parts of seals.

I don’t have my copy of the GV handy to check, so I may be mistaken.