Sigil of Harut and Marut

can someone pls post an image of their sigils or send me via PM? Or tell me where I find it.
Would be cool. Thnx in advance.

I am really not sure if there have ever been sigils designed ESPECIALLY for them :thinking:
in “The forbidden grimoire of Harut & Marut” you can find sigils/amulets related to their workings, maybe take a look at that if you won’t find something else :slight_smile:


The book you’re talking about has almost nothing to do with the original, a lot of things are missing, the translation sometimes leaves bad and a lot of rituals will not work. What idea is there to want to translate such a book, when all the basics of Arab magic are missing?
they would have done better to translate books that explain how prayers are used, how to practice them, how to calculate the times of their practice, how to do spiritual sport for these prayers to prepare the practitioner’s body to come into contact with the spirits, and also how to make servants obedient etc. Sorry for those who bought it, but very few things will work for you in it.

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Sorry for triggering you, I just mentioned a source that could be helpful to the OPs question if nothing else comes up. If you can assist in a more helpful way, feel free to do so, OP will be glad for sure :woman_shrugging:t2:


N° 1 Harut:

N°2 Marut:

I don’t know if they’re good, but they were traced on an Arab lunar planetary square.


Marut is an entity to channel death and disease upon enemies?

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Yes, they are versatile.


Thnx to all of you!!!

(Pls do not argue.)

I’ve been working on it again, this time I think they’re good.

N°1: Harut

N°2: Marut


Wow, thank you so, so much!! :heart_eyes:
By the way, a couple of hours ago my thoughts went to the angels and I remembered this thread. I really appreciate them and their legend is so meaningful to me.
Have a nice evening.

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Awesome :fire:

Now I have a question, in the book is written about sacrifice of animals. So this is a problem for anyone who is vegan. How do you guys do it?

Can it maybe be done partially like putting some blood of animal bought in the local Store?

It’s a problem for me and I opt not to perform that in my magickal practice. Historically, there is evidence to support the blood of an animal improving any ritual whatsoever.

You can read plenty of posts about no tools required, I treat blood no differently. I will use my own, but that’s my offering if I want to offer to strengthen my own personal connection.

I fail to see the blood of some random lamb or cow build my connection.

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